Yesterday’s City Hall Meeting, and My Thanksgiving Prayers

November 23, 2016 

When Thanksgiving breaks tomorrow, I will awake to the organized chaos of this wonderful, and to me meaningful, American observance.  I will be blessed to share it with many whose love I most treasure, including those who cannot be with us.

As is my wont, I will be especially aware of the tender mercies and grace which have so blessed my circumstances.  I will, again as always, be especially thankful to live in America.

That means I will be very mindful of all Americans who died or otherwise sacrificed to protect – and save – this place for me and mine.

I am among the Americans who by grace never fought in any war against us.  Thus, I owe a huge debt I can never repay.  I have long lived in full awareness of that fact.  It follows that I engage as necessary in other kinds of battles to preserve the America I hold dear.

Some of us have long fought to save our hometown, Shreveport.  Yesterday, at Government Plaza, one dust-up in that fight reached at least a temporary end.

It was, in context, a small skirmish … in a war of real size and note.  Such skirmishes connect with the real and actual wars of our nation’s history.

Yes, we who believe in work and fairness and right … won one, a fact rarely so.

Notable ones of our “leaders” reacted disdainfully, and thus, dishonorably.


In fact, most of us know, sides in yesterday’s battle were chosen eons ago.  On the side Grace chose for me, we honestly work for our living so we may responsibly care for ourselves and our families.

In return for all blessings, we share our bounty with others, especially those who cannot care for themselves.  We need no official interference to do so.

People on our side pay our taxes – including those illicitly levied and taken – until we can legally strip them away.  Yesterday, and for now, elected leaders emboldened by a host of dishonest backers were denied such a levy.

Yes, “taxation without representation” should ring in our ears.  It reminds us of those aforementioned connections between such disputes and actual wars.

In our place of almost 200,000 souls, the few of us who are doing this opposing dared tell the truth in a place which seems to no longer honor it.

We faced-down our very own abusers of power, as some of us believe is our duty as Americans.

In the aftermath, our government “leaders” pronounced their intentions to get even.  We should not doubt their vows.  They are backed by many, many people here, almost all of whom shoot from hiding.

Our mayor vows to punish us with how she spends our own money, and our top legislator threatened us with his hollow, tired, old and broken vow of racism against certain ones of us with skin color unlike his.

Almost by acclamation, one person who spoke against our “leaders” was most remarkable.  A lone actor, a lady well up in age, of the same race as the “leader” who vowed racist retribution against certain ones of us.

The lady told the high-and-mightys she opposed their choices … regardless of race or anything else … because their choices would notably harm the circumstances of her living.

When the promised retribution begins, we must remember this lady speaking truth to power.  She reminded us that our government consists of ones we put in those chairs … there are no thrones … until we do not.

It is theirs to sit in those chairs and listen to us, and serve us, as they literally swear an Oath, hand-on-Bible, to do.

It is theirs, when they fail, to return to their drawing boards for which we pay … and honorably, with no malice, repair that at which they first failed.


It is nowhere written in America’s history that elected leaders must prove honorable … somehow beyond lying and cheating and stealing.

Neither is it written that it is honest or fair to leave others to fight our fights, much less attack them as they do.  All of us may any day be asked to fight for what we believe and treasure.

I will give thanks tomorrow for all who fight for us … for those among us who are awake and sober.

I will pray, too, that the rest soon realize they are truly needed, and absent without leave.

Elliott Stonecipher

©  2016   Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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