Monday, December 19, 2016 ….. 10:35 P.M. …..

As Christmas now rapidly approaches, I feel like presents for my Shreveport and Caddo Parish home have already been opened.

The first such gift is the three-part series now finishing up by Shreveport Times reporter Alexa (“Lex”) Talamo about Caddo Parish Commission self-pay. I hate that it took two years to come, but I know very well to take ’em where I can get ’em. Ms. Talamo’s diligence and professionalism is more than merely notable.

The second gift is tonight’s KTBS Television broadcast of powerful journalism by pro-and-then-some, Shon Gables. Her report takes on our community’s heretofore untouchable Shreveport City Councilwoman, and former Caddo Parish Commissioner, Stephanie Lynch … for excessive absence in representing her District “F” constituents.

In fact, Ms. Lynch has also played a key role in our CPERS nightmare, as I have previously explained in my related articles.

Ms. Lynch has more CPERS money from taxpayers in her account than any other Commissioner, and secretly directed – at least in part – the Commission’s response to my lawsuit to recover hundreds of thousands of dollars in subject money heisted from taxpayers. She did so while already “serving” on the Shreveport City Council.

Many here believe and report that Ms. Lynch actually lives in Baton Rouge now. As Ms. Gables’ report shows, no City Council rule says she can’t. (This Council should quickly address that defect.)

Not surprisingly, City Councilman Willie Bradford sees fit in Ms. Gables’ story to endorse whatever Ms. Lynch or any other Council member cares to do, sealed with his pledge that Council members should in no way police one another. No surprise there.

Ms. Lynch also refuses to pay ethics fines she has long owed the Louisiana Ethics Administration for campaign finance violations. She publicly asserts that those sanctions are the equivalent of unpaid speeding tickets.

Others of us, of course, have to pay such fines.

The worst of the facts, however, relate to how Ms. Lynch views any one who dares question her about anything. More specifically, her view of those not of her race hearkens back to bad, bad old local days, many decades ago.

No matter how or why, real and true journalism has reappeared here. For those who have forgotten what it is, please look for Ms. Talamo’s Caddo Commission reports.

Too, please take the time to watch this excellent report from Ms. Gables:…/shreveport-councilwoman-absent-more-t…

To Ms. Talamo and Ms. Gables, I thank you, straight from the heart. Please help us make your work last …

… it comes not a moment to soon.

© 2016 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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