As never before in my career, the deluge of meaningful messages, news articles, videos, etc., is just this side of overwhelming.

Yes, I credit social media for much of this high tide of information, but – dare I say it – I also attribute it to the growing awareness that the scheduled presidential election on Tuesday, November 3rd, looks more and more like a veritable shoot-out at dawn for America.

If it is, voter turnout may set records … regardless that there is an open attempt by those on the political left to use Covid-19 as a justification for mail-in, rather than in-person, voting.

Stopping voter fraud is on the very long list of subjects I consider America’s current priority.

Even after a career dealing one way or another with elections and the dangers of voter fraud (about which I have previously written), I simply cannot believe what is happening now.

In the subject fight between the heads of the Democrat and Republican parties, the unthinkable was recently dropped on the table by Democrat #1, Nancy Pelosi, for all to see and study …

… a $3.6 Billion plan to ban voter ID requirements and signature verification … yes, BAN them!

And, yes, this Democrat plan has been concocted while the Dems’ own vote-by-mail elections in New York two months ago have proven impossible to count … yes, impossible!

In other words, the inability to count those votes did NOT stop them from proposing a massive op to switch to nationwide mail-in voting for President in November.

It will surprise few that the person picked by the left to take point in this fight is Michelle Obama.

BUT, the very good news is that the Heritage Foundation heads the anti-voter-fraud effort on the political center and right.

A specific example is its website – The Daily Signal – and its podcast detailing risks of today’s mail-in voting, “Why Mail-In Voting Is a Bad Idea, Even During a Pandemic”


Other such excellent work by the Heritage Foundation may be seen at www.dailysignal.com.

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