What the Sheriff & D.A. Importantly Did Not Say at BNA Forum

Caddo Parish is in decline due, in large part, to the economic impotence we suffer from our culture of corruption.  No single man is more able to fix that, and more unwilling to do so, than Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator.  Last week, the Broadmoor Neighborhood Association (BNA) held a “forum” on public corruption.  The ringleader of the entire event was Rob Broussard.  Broussard is a distraction in the matter, but sources say that he is angling for a platform to catapult himself to a seat on the Caddo Parish School Board.  His tutoring program, funded by the Caddo Commission, and his apparently checkered past in the public record was well documented by Elliott Stonecipher (here).  It is important to note that Broussard represents a seemingly endless amount of people who gladly carry the water for the Caddo corrupt political establishment in exchange for something for themselves… in his case, a seat at the school board table. (He lost his first campaign for that seat about 10 years ago to Bonita Crawford).

The BNA “forum” left many people perplexed and stunned as to what they saw.  What they saw was a lot of talk from local law enforcement about how difficult and seemingly impossible it is to prosecute public corruption.  At one point, they saw their sheriff point out the importance of not sharing information about an investigation with the public for fear of “libeling” or “slandering” a public official.  The sheriff would be well advised to consider how ludicrous that statement was, given that the subjects were PUBLIC officials.

The sheriff also seemed to bait the largely white crowd with an empathetic wringing of his hands by declaring that he was just as frustrated (as a flood victim) by the nationwide lack of good government by pointing to people who were not affected by the flooding in Caddo Parish and are receiving government assistance along “North Market”… a clear reference to the large African American population in that neighborhood.  This political theater served nothing more than to avoid the difficult questions he was being asked by this writer about his ineffectiveness in helping rid this community of public corruption.  Apparently we are also supposed to feel sorry for the sheriff who knowingly built his house on the wrong side of the levy.  Again, he directly CAN and SHOULD do something about changing government.

Further, Prator and the District Attorney’s representative, Ross Owen, parlayed a perfect synchronization as they seemed to point all around to explain why there was no action or investigation going on with the CPERS scandal involving Prator’s close friend, Matthew Linn.  When asked directly by this writer to invite the Attorney General of the State of Louisiana in to prosecute the matter, their non-answer spoke volumes.  Answering by phrasing things like the AG “can” come in to prosecute our Caddo Commission corruption is completely misleading.  Case in point:

The Attorney General has a very limited role in prosecuting criminals and cannot become involved in a criminal case without an invitation from the parish district attorney.” – http://louisiana.gov/Government/Executive_Branch/ (further citations here & here)

When pressed further, the sheriff and DA representative flatly refused to take the opportunity to publicly state their intention to recuse themselves and invite the AG into the matter.  Ross Owen pretended to not know the law that dictates where his office begins and ends, seemingly implausible considering he ran for the DA’s office. While the sheriff has some cover here, he is clearly the biggest ally to Louisiana AG Jeff Landry from Caddo Parish.  If our high sheriff wanted to see the taxpayers restored, he could assert political pressure to get that done.  Our DA has zero excuse to continue to block the AG from entering in to help all of us who are victims in the Caddo Commission CPERS illegalities.  Our money is still not returned to us.

Further, the breaking story about Caddo Schools corruption highlighted by anonymous whistleblower, Bill Unsharpened, produced probably the most salient question of the evening.  A young lady simply asked the sheriff, DA’s representative and every other agency on display if they had even been aware of the highly talked about and highly controversial claims by Unsharpened.  Not one person on the dais, supposedly there to discuss our corruption problem, even attempted to acknowledge that part of her question.  Shortly after, Rob Broussard moved ahead with cutting off the questioning and adjourning the meeting so he could sell people on his righteousness in taking taxpayer money for his BNA tutoring grant.

For those who care, please know that this writer understands the massive amount of time required to follow just how slippery these officials are being on this matter.  The most vital point of all of this is that our Louisiana Legislative Auditor has already done most of the work and given us a platform to receive justice in his reports concerning the CPERS scandal.  The report was sent to our District Attorney’s office. (HERE).  Those in charge who claim nothing can be done, are simply, purposely, standing in the way to ensure nothing gets done.  Our Sheriff and District Attorney far too many conflicts of interest in investigating and prosecuting our local politicians who steal from us.  They have an ethical duty to step aside.  We should not stop pressing them until they do so.

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