Wednesday, November 20, 2019 … 11:08 A.M.

When oh when will it end? When oh when will Shreveport NOT be the place where taxpayer scams are given never-ending audiences of mayors and other public officials?

Here is how Merriam-Webster defines scam: “a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation.”

Cross Bayou is Shreveport’s all-time favorite deceptive act and operation. In my subject article this past May, I described it as “Shreveport / Caddo’s Undead.” (SEE link below.)

Yes, we DID in fact vote this rot down just two years ago. That one was Mayor Ollie Tyler’s version (with some of the same corruptos as this one hiding in it).

There was an earlier Mayor Cedric Glover version, and an even earlier Mayor Keith Hightower version. It matters that this Perkins one has WAY more bad stuff propping it up, which we can only hope our U. S. Attorney is already working on.

According to the city’s daily paper, the Mayor Adrian Perkins’ version of this insult to honest Shreveporters now commands another City Council (committee) meeting next week.

(Yes, I know … a Thanksgiving Week command performance for these New Yorkers? How about a Holiday dinner for our police and fire sacrificers instead?)

According to that newspaper mega-article, this Cross Bayou Point model is Shreveport’s savior, ready and set to “have an economic impact of $208 million over 30 years” on what it says is a $1.5 billion development.

First of all, who actually thinks today’s Shreveport is going to attract $1.5 billion from any entity other than the government, which is to say us … taxpayers … the source of all “government” financing of all such attacks on common decency?

Second, many of us have heard it all before, and not just the many Cross Bayou messes.

Who remembers such rounds of Savior Syndrome disease as Riverfront Development? What about the Hilton Hotel complex? Or, perhaps the three-times-broke Boardwalk directly across the Red?

How, by the way, do we think Shreveport has racked up our $1 BILLION debt … the debt that was going to be $1.2 BILLION if the bond issue had passed?!

* * * * * * * *

We are now learning through the City Hall buzz-and-cheat machine that Mayor Perkins does NOT plan fire and police pay raises in whatever his next attempted money-grab will be.

We must think this through: fire and police personnel were NOT going to get a penny out of the $186,000,000 bond issue had it passed, and the mayor is saying it again …

… but we can give the Cross Bayou folks 88 acres of land AND pay to clean-up its fatal poisons to boot, at our expense?

No shame. Period. These pols and their sponsors / handlers have no shame.

* * * * * * * *

My worst point since I last wrote on Sunday was hearing from a well-placed source that Perkins came here in the first place for three things: the water-sewer Consent Decree contract, passage of the bond issue and nailing down the / a Cross Bayou scam.

That would explain a lot.

And, it fits perfectly with and in his Shreveport … which is definitely not our Shreveport.

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Elliott Stonecipher article, May 29, 2019:

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