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From the heart, I sincerely wish everyone reading this piece a wonderful, marvelous Christmas in five days … and I wish it especially to and for each and every one of our precious children!

* * * * * * * *

Over in the netherworld where too many local public officials hang-out, the message to us is quite the opposite of “Merry Christmas!”

While I feel compelled to apologize for sharing this “news” from them at this time, I would rather readers get it from me than it come to you packaged with lies.

As confirmed by a notice from Caddo District Judge Michael Pittman, Mayor Adrian Perkins has blown-up the years-long effort to reach a settlement in the City’s largest-of-three water fee over-billing lawsuits.

That lawsuit has long been expected to return refunds to Shreveport water users for years of more or less wide-open such abuse.

According to knowledgeable sources, however, the formal mediation between the City and plaintiff attorneys, underway this week, ended summarily when Mayor Perkins and the City Council tendered a take-it-or-leave-it offer.

As it turned out, that offer was not even real.

In fact, as it was submitted to plaintiff attorneys, they learned all City representatives had left the proceedings … and the building.

We now know that (our) plaintiff attorneys, representing all Shreveport water-users by way of an earlier “class action” decision by Judge Pitman, thus learned Perkins had walked away from any settlement.

Perkins is appealing Judge Pitman’s original decision to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal.

The formal notification of appeal reads:

“ … You are hereby notified … of the intention of City of Shreveport, Louisiana, Defendant, to apply to the Court of Appeal, Second Circuit, for supervisory writs regarding the Judgment rendered in this matter on November 26, 2019.”

Plaintiff attorneys had been working toward this mediation process for five months with no clue that it was purely in bad faith … a mere ploy allowing Perkins to see how his $188,000,000 bond issue would do at the polls.

Perkins and City Council members were able to keep all of this secret by discussing any related matters only in City Council meeting executive sessions.

* * * * * * * *

In yesterday’s Shreveport Times – the official journal of Perkins and City Hall – none other than Councilman Willie Bradford took point in this nasty Perkins op. Bradford’s “interview” stomped on any expectation by city water users that they would (a) be paid in cash, or (b) receive significant “refunds.”

Bradford clearly knew what “mediation” was actually for, well in advance.

More chillingly, even before the appeal of Judge Pitman’s ruling became fact, Bradford – also point man for Perkins on the scurrilous Cross Bayou shakedown – somehow knows in advance how the 2nd Circuit Court will rule. (In my experience, that certainly IS possible here.)

* * * * * * * *

Perkins and his team are more and more clearly involved in a scorched-earth jihad intended to get even with taxpayers for defeating “his” ridiculously timed bond issue.

As honest Shreveporters well know and understand, the City’s footprint and revenue must be reduced right along with its population plunge.

Therefore, any effort whatsoever by Perkins to approve any version of any Cross Bayou project reeks of something far more serious than “mere” fiscal irresponsibility.

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