What is Caddo School Boss Goree Running From? Hopefully Mansfield ISD Speaks Up.

Whether its attention he seeks during local flooding, back to school news features, editorials in the Shreveport Times or asking for tax increases from the public, Lamar Goree never misses a chance to get in a press conference or news report.  When there is a chance to appear “in charge” or report something “good” as he attempts to sell the public on his leadership, Goree is front and center.  When the news is more awful and appropriately reflective of the bloated, failing school district he presides over, Goree always hides.  Most recently, he literally runs away.

It’s been two weeks since we broke the news (here, here and here) that a teacher was arrested for charges of molestation/indecency with a mentally disabled 15 year old.  In spite of RealShreveport’s alerting the public of THREE arrests in the past two years involving molestations at Caddo Schools, Lamar Goree has yet to face the public.  He has verbalized no plan to eradicate such an awful track record of apparent victimization of our most vulnerable youth in our public schools.  He has expressed zero concern for other potential victims of Booker T. Washington High special education teacher Cleodis Bell, in spite of Shreveport police department’s calls for others to come forward.

Goree repeatedly ignores requests for information from concerned citizens so far in this scandal.  He hides behind the matter being a “personnel” issue with a staffer and allows his HR employees to take point in stonewalling, even though Goree chooses to be the official record keeper of the Caddo School district.  Goree’s behavior is not new to just this scandal.  Caddo citizens will recall Elliott Stonecipher’s exposure of Goree’s coverup, stonewalling and avoidance of public records documents in the Woodlawn administrative theft (here) and the gross use of funds in renovating Central Elementary for more Central Office staff offices (here).

Additionally, Goree has never once publicly addressed or denied a single of the many damning charges brought forward by Caddo School anonymous whistleblower, Bill Unsharpened (here).  Unsharpened’s claims included a claim that Caddo School Board members, prior to extending the Superintendent job to Goree, received a revealing letter from someone in the Mansfield Texas Independent School District of Texas warning that Goree had been involved in scandals over there that our community would be well served to avoid.  One school board member confirmed to Elliott Stonecipher this year that he received such a letter, then began denying any knowledge about it.  The public remains in the dark about that letter’s contents to this day.

Additionally, I randomly happened to be sitting in a local, nearly empty restaurant with my wife last Friday evening and I got to witness our fearless Superintendent on the run.  It just so happened that Goree found himself walking through the door and directly facing me for a brief moment… then quickly turning around, walking out and yelling to the rest of his party in the parking lot that they would not be dining there that night… as I watched him speed out of the parking lot from my seat.  While Goree publicly pretends his many questioners and detractors do not exist, he works overtime in avoiding them or being accountable to the taxpaying citizens who pay his six figure salary.

This unusual behavior looks exactly like what it is.  Lamar Goree is clearly more concerned with protecting his career than the children under his supervision.  Why does our Superintended continue to run from those who he is paid to serve?  He does not want to be held accountable.  Truly, why would he expect to be held to account?  The traditional media never presses him.  Our school board is heavily influenced with PAC money from Citizens for Better Caddo (CBC), originated by Community Foundation chief Paula Hickman (here).  One of those CBC backed board members, Susannah Poljak, once described to me that the choice for the former school board in hiring Goree over Tim Magner, was “like choosing between God and Jesus” (I was taken aback by that statement).  The point is that nobody elected or hired by the public wants to hold anyone accountable for what is happening within our school district.  Officials insist that only good news exists and all of their motives are as pure as the white driven snow.  These supposed “good intentions” and “public service” will be of no use to the children victimized in this district and by this district’s abject failure to account to the public.

Sadly, Goree is allowed to run away and drag a hefty paycheck from the taxpayers.  We are left with no answers, as children are apparently victimized and police arrests show us we have a predator problem in too many of our schools.  Nobody in charge even has the dignity to acknowledge those of us who are concerned have a right to question them and protect our own children.  We absolutely can and should do better as a community.  It can start with stopping our Superintendent from running away from us when the job requires real accountability and leadership.  We owe that to our children and our future.

NOTE: If anyone has any information concerning the letter that originated from a concerned citizen in Mansfield, TX regarding Lamar Goree, his Transformation Zone chief Billy Snow, or any other current Caddo School employees that used to work in Mansfield ISD, this writer wants to know details concerning the letter and what/who may have been specifically advised about concerns involving Goree before his hire.  Please email will@realshreveport.com if you have any information or a copy of that letter.

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