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Yes, this article is again and still about Shreveport taxes and corruption.

And, yes, for any who may wonder, I am as tired of banging this anti-tax and anti-corruption drum as my detractors are of hearing me do so.

Most of us now know that Shreveport / Caddo property taxes are the highest in Louisiana … much, much higher than in some cities and parishes.

Too much public money feeds corruption, actually killing some cities prone to it.

This time, Election Day is November 16th with early voting the 2nd through 9th. Also on that ballot is the would-be re-election of Governor John Bel Edwards (a tax lover if there ever was one).

In Shreveport, the pro-tax rigging is set.

Broadly, as we know, those least likely to pay our tax load are most likely to vote for these taxes.

Regardless anything else, the tally of residents who help pay Shreveport taxes is dropping like the proverbial rock. Since our last such bond issue in 2011, the U. S. Census Bureau reports -12,760 fewer of us …

… 201,787 then and 188,987 now. (SEE article link below.)

In 2011, voters approved $175,000,000 compared to the $186,000,000 up for a vote now. One freakish statistic underscores a dramatically backwards fact …

… although Shreveport’s population is -6.3% lower than in 2011, we who remain are being asked to borrow +6.3% more money in this bond issue. Let’s call it Shreveport Tax Math.

As our City’s taxation machine grinds up more and more of us (think Detroit), the latest development is the endorsement of this bond issue by our Chamber of Commerce.

Typically, like endorsements follow from other such “leadership” orgs as the Committee of 100, perhaps the North Louisiana Economic Partnership, Shreveport Times, and a few others.

So far, none of these have bothered to ask Mayor Perkins to specifically explain how passage of this bond issue does not raise our taxes.

With the exception of the Shreveport police union, no such groups have announced their opposition to the bond issue.

We must remember what pro-tax groups do not mention …

… Should all three props pass, Shreveport will be $1.24 BILLION in debt, no matter that our used-to-be taxpayers are heading out of here like General Sherman’s March to the Sea.

… Our recently released financial analyses by both the state Legislative Auditor and city external auditor detailed more than two dozen financial management failures.

… The City administration has yet to offer any plan to repay Shreveport water and sewer customers the perhaps $25,000,000 they have been overbilled, as ordered by District Court Judge Michael Pitman.

… The bond issue would hand another $186,000,000 to a City administration clearly unprepared to spend it.

… Mayor Perkins rushed this bond issue through the public education process in a mere three months compared to the more than one year for our 2011 bond issue.

… Four City Council members knew from the jump that a brief delay, perhaps six months, was necessary for this, but a vote of 4-3 in favor resulted when Republican James Flurry jumped ship to get the issue on the November 16th ballot. Here is an article in which I detailed that fact:

We who know better should kill this … dead in its tracks.

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U. S. Census Bureau:

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