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I thank everyone who has shared additional information to me privately about Mayor Adrian Perkins “forgiven” D.U.I. night-before-last.

I also thank those who have offered to fund any additional research into this and apparent previous such incidents involving our mayor. I do not believe that will be necessary, but given that all of this work is done at my personal expense, one never knows.

I hope everyone will take a moment to notice that the first article on this subject now has 234 Likes, and just under 400 Comments. Given that I always work to respond to all comments, I am swamped. (I hope anyone who is here will hit the “Like” button … it’s all I ask.)

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We now know, of course, that Mayor Perkins was pulled over at about midnight on Thursday. Sources contend that he was not only under the influence, but was driving the wrong direction on the subject downtown Shreveport street.

Yes, we have the name of the first Shreveport Police Department officer involved, as well as the name of other SPD personnel who were involved in the decision not to treat this event as it would be treated for virtually each one of the rest of us. We do NOT however know if other higher-ups were involved.

I will, of course, take great care with SPD officer names here, at this point. Others may throw them around, but given that we do not know how much pressure officers faced in this incident to keep it secret, I am holding off.

Needless to say, I trust, I thank everyone involved at SPD who has found secure ways to share facts of the incident.

Looming large are reports concerning a like event said to have been on April 5th. Mayor Perkins, those details assert, was likewise D.U.I., driving in the wrong direction on a downtown street. (His residence is downtown.)

In that instance, sources tell me the involvement of certain key SPD officials in stomping out public disclosure of those facts directly benefited one or more.

Other sources last night shared with me the possibility that there are as many as four such incidents involving the mayor.

(I note, as I have in many earlier articles, that Mayor Perkins receives monthly military disability pay tracing to events and causes about which Shreveporters have been very carefully kept unaware.)


I believe it is far past time for outside investigative agencies to dive into details surrounding this and previous events. Yes, I understand how today’s politics – including state and national – strongly benefit Mayor Perkins, all the more reason for this to be a federal investigation.

I can assure any who wonder that City Hall is full – f u l l – of officials paid by taxpayers who know how dire these circumstances are there. That they are afraid of losing their jobs goes without saying any longer in Shreveport.

To the few readers aware of these facts, I can confirm that I well know and understand how and why some key “local” officials who might otherwise offer help cannot / will not do so.

Put directly, SPD has been hobbled by political interference, never more so than in Mayor Perkins’ term in office. The negative influence of race, including in this most recent event, is of huge importance.

As well, some few of us know more than enough to again appeal to our mayor to get the medical help he needs, and resign from his mayoral position.

We desperately need SPD on the streets and focused only on criminality other than in City Hall. The Department is wrapped up in a withering decline of its own … no matter how many excellent officers are faithfully serving we the people.

Finally, yes, for those who wonder, I fully understand that this is NOT my job. I am NOT the news media, and I do not have its protections, to be blunt.

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