Saturday, July 22, 2017 … 12:10 P.M.

Yesterday, from KTBS Television News reporter T. W. Starr, we learned how Caddo Parish Tax Assessor Charles Henington, Jr., has recovered $1 million and counting by finding property owners who claim undue homestead exemptions.

Using the services of a Covington, Louisiana-based company, the assessor is focusing on the period 2013-2016, and expects a total recovery of some $2 million.

Paid $400 per offending household thus identified, the vendor has thus far been paid nearly $300,000.

Here is T. W. Starr’s report:…/article_ffe0ec0c-6d3e-11e7-9c26-7b3e…


On Wednesday, KSLA Television News’ Nick Lawton reported on the latest known blunder at Shreveport City Hall.

For a period of more than a year, $26,000 of our taxpayer money went to beneficiaries of dead city employees. Thanks to a fraud hotline tip, the payments were found and reported by Internal Auditor Leanis Steward.

True to Mayor Ollie Tyler’s “Don’t Tell Anyone Anything!” policy against transparency and accountability, KSLA / Mr. Lawton were forced to file a Public Records Act request for the related documents.

Here is Nick Lawton’s report:…/audit-shreveport-paid-26000-in-pensio…


The KSLA report evoked a notable social media comment from the Caddo Parish Commission peanut gallery, specifically ex-Commissioner David Cox:

“Would someone tell Elliott about this, at least I worked for my retirement and still have not gotten it for the parish because of a few and I do mean a few thinks it was wrong to sign up for it. Well what about dead employees getting checks well someone is getting paid. Have a great afternoon Shreveport!”

For any who do not know, Cox is among a long list of current and former Caddo Commissioners who knowingly took “CPERS” (Caddo Parish Employee Retirement System) pay which had been statutorily illegal and Constitutionally banned since January 1, 1997.

Commissioners who took the unearned booty opted to hire lawyers at taxpayer expense to preserve their malfeasance rather than simply give taxpayers our money back.

According to the most recent accounting, the Cox take is $28,782.74 … which he refuses to pay back.

Cox otherwise stands out among the doers.

When Louisiana Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera, in 2015, officially wrote to Commission bossman Woody Wilson to cease / remedy the illegal pay, Cox dissed the auditor to the Shreveport Times’ Alexandria Burris …

… “All that is, is an opinion. You’ve got one. I’ve got one. Everybody’s got one.”

Cox clearly fails to understand the screaming difference between himself and the subject City of Shreveport pensioners: their passing undeniably proclaims their innocence.

Cox has no defense … only the hope of getting away with what he did.

Here is my April 15, 2017, article with Commissioner CPERS amounts and details:…/

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