… Posted: Tuesday, February 18, 2020 … 11:25 A.M. …

Now that Shreveporters know our mayor is working in / for Michael Bloomberg’s campaign to buy the United States Presidency, we are sharing our mayor with the zillionaire.

Even I am stunned (yes, I mean that) that today’s mayor of our city thinks he has the time to hold down two jobs. Shreveport is, after all, in a decline simply too serious to be handled by a part-time “chief executive.”

I learned last night the kind of thing Adrian Perkins will be doing to use the mayoralty to help Bloomberg in his attempt to upend America.

On its face, the invitation shared with me seemed all-too-typical … an intentionally secret get-together for VIP supporters of this mayor. Those special few are invited to learn (they may believe) how Mayor Perkins intends to work on pulling Shreveport out of its dive.

With a little more digging, though, a completely different – and sickening – fact emerges: the gathering is apparently a Shreveport Mayor / Bloomberg for President combo deal.

Here is the content of Mayor Perkins’ cloaked / non-public invitation to these VIP contributors / supporters to be held Thursday evening …


(message) …

“Mayor Perkins is inviting some of his closest campaign supporters for a speech and discussion on current projects and what we can look forward to in Year 2. You are invited to get an insiders presentation from Mayor Perkins.”

(event location ADDRESS) … 605 Texas Street, Shreveport

Need we guess what address that is? According to a local newspaper article and Bloomberg campaign stuff, that is the address of the Bloomberg for President field office.

We are left to guess or imagine how much time Mayor Perkins will spend talking about our crisis in Shreveport versus Michael Bloomberg.

Since Shreveport taxpayers pay the tab, Perkins is dealing us a stinking, losing hand.

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(P. S. Yes, I have seen the picture of Perkins standing with Bloomberg at a Houston event last Thursday. There is a baby in Bloomberg’s arms, our mayor’s eyes are closed, and the caption from the Associated Press does not identify Perkins.)

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