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19 Feb

CEASELESS BAD FAITH: Caddo Commission Plan to Raise, Extend Taxes

Sunday, February 19, 2017 … 10:55 A.M. ….. If nothing else, the Caddo Parish Commission is consistent in its abuse of taxpayers. Now, without public debate, the Commission has conjured a way to raise our property taxes AND perpetuate them ...

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09 Dec

Recap: Thursday’s Caddo Commission meeting

SHREVEPORT, La.  — The Caddo Parish Commission met Thursday evening for its only regular session meeting this month at Government Plaza. It started with one upset woman making claims of animal abuse, and begging the Commission to pass legislation to allow ...

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Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator
11 Mar

Williams Convicted, Prator Invisible on CPERS

Former Caddo Commissioner, Michael Williams, was convicted of wire fraud after jury deliberations for about an hour on Thursday (read here). The Williams scandal was straight forward as well as politically safe and easy for the local media to cover, ...

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