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12 Jan

JOHN BEL EDWARDS – a.k.a. “Governor Taxes” – UP FOR RE-ELECTION

Saturday, January 12, 2019 … 12:42 P.M. You won’t hear him mention it, of course, but during Governor John Bel Edwards’ first year in office, Louisiana’s official, Census Bureau-reported population peaked at 4,678,215. It then rolled-over, dropping to 4,670,818 by ...

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Elliot Stonecipher
04 Sep

Governor Edwards’ “Honor Code” Disproved by Excellent Reporting

September 4, 2016 I recently wrote to spotlight journalism excellence in the reporting on South Louisiana floods by Gordon Russell of The Advocate newspaper, and Mark Schleifstein of the Times Picayune / NOLA.com. In their likewise excellent reporting this week, ...

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