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Some here who know and care are playing the waiting game on a couple of fronts.

First, there’s the week-long buzz about the Louisiana State Police attempting to serve Shreveport mayor Adrian Perkins with a subpoena of some sort.

Second, Saturday is election-day in Caddo and Bossier Parishes, at least for any who care in the least about how sky-high our property taxes are.

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I have never received more Facebook messages and emails than those about the Perkins subpoena rumor – and it so far remains no more than that.

If the story proves true, it is the Louisiana State Police doing the serving. That fits, according to the rumor, because it also identifies the Louisiana Ethics Administration as the authority involved.

The Ethics Administration is the agency responsible for both campaign finance and governmental ethics oversight.

Thus far, however, no local news media have been willing to go with the story. No one in Perkins Land is likely haul off and confirm such, either.

Given a violation I noted many months ago in Perkins’ Personal Financial Disclosure Statement of July 25, 2018 – a Louisiana Board of Ethics responsibility – such a subpoena is certainly possible in that context: Perkins did not report as required rental income from his Savanah, Georgia, home.

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While it’s true that The Taxman Cometh some place or another all the time, few of them are, like Caddo Parish, likely places that The Taxman Liveth.

Of the over 160.00-mills Caddo Parish property owners pay, most – 73.82-mills – are levied / collected / perpetuated by the Caddo Parish School Board.

On Saturday, and as I wrote about on April 5th (SEE link below), the CPSB intends to pass a new variety of property tax, heretofore unknown, which will hand them almost $9,000,000 a year.

Last night, KTBS Television News detailed in its story – as I highlighted in my article earlier this month – how top-salaried CPSB administrators may well be lying about the real purpose of this
new property tax:…/article_efb84e1c-6add-11e9-87e1-0bb0…

Over in Bossier, and almost inconceivably, the Bossier Parish School Board is trying to leap-frog the whopping CPSB property tax … to a total of 91.52-mills … a 40% jump from its current millage.

I provided much more detail in my March 27th article. (SEE link below.)

In both parishes, the original plan was to keep word of these forays into community-killing very, very quiet. If quiet enough, school system employees and their family and friends can vote in numbers high enough to pass the taxes more or less alone.

In Caddo, that plan is intact. In Bossier, not so much.

Anti-tax business owners in Bossier have raised or pledged some $150,000 to make sure CPSB’s infamous and epic taxation does not spread across Red River.

Because so relatively few people directly pay property taxes in Caddo, a failure of the tax here would be a real and true shock. Because the teacher union was smoked-out early enough in Bossier, the failure of the tax there will go down as a wake-up call.

Regardless, The Taxman’s m.o. will be confirmed: high taxes pervade when (a) they can be voted on those who pay them by those who don’t, and/or (b) by property tax payers who don’t vote.

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