As some readers know, I have been researching and writing articles about a host of issues for many years. Be that as it may, the story buzzing around Shreveport officialdom about Mayor Adrian Perkins being pulled over for driving under the influence last night has been more difficult to confirm than anything I can remember.

In short, there is a LOT of fear about ANY reporting of the incident.

(If Mayor Perkins publicly explains how the report is inaccurate, I will, of course, report that, too.)

With no ability to confirm anything with Mayor Perkins, I can only share the pieces my sources have shared with me.

The Mayor was leaving a downtown pub on Fant Parkway at (near) midnight last night, driving his own vehicle. Given that his condo is also downtown, it seems he might well have walked home.

For unknown, specific reasons, he was pulled over by the Shreveport Police Department, somehow judged to have had too much to drink. We do not know on what basis that judgment was made.

Mayor Perkins was, as these reports have it, either allowed to drive home, or was driven home by an officer.

The background of note is that there is another such incident being researched by various people / reporters on April 5th. With a different set of reported details, the net / net is that he was given a pass on that incident, too. Again, he was supposedly stopped after leaving a popular local restaurant and bar.

No confirmation of that report is known to me or my sources, either.

Another very important background fact is that Councilwoman Levette Fuller was also pulled over for seeming drunken-driving, and was tens-of-feet from her front door. She was not allowed to walk home.

I urge any reader with additional information from top sources to email me at Messages on Facebook are not appropriate in this instance.

We have additional information about SPD officers involved in the non-arrest. I am not yet comfortable reporting those details.

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