… Posted: Monday, February 3, 2020 … 4:17 P.M. …

When I first heard the details of this report, they were difficult to believe, even here and now.

Then, when I went to work to confirm or refute it, attempts to speak with directly involved City Hall officials failed.

Such enforced silence from on high is never a good sign. Thankfully, those particular officials are not the only sources in city government.

The subject is Mayor Adrian Perkins’ insistence on being reimbursed for automobile expenses which he is in no way owed.

That the car purchased is apparently a Tesla adds to the story, but Tesla or any other vehicle, the question is this: was the mayor given prohibited taxpayer money?

Put most directly, did Mayor Perkins pressure city Finance Department officials to give him $5,400 of our money which they and he knew was prohibited?

According to the city’s Code of Ordinances, $5,400 is the amount a mayor is reimbursed by taxpayers IF he or she drives their personal – meaning personally paid for – vehicle.

Perkins was in no way due that money, which he certainly knew.

Here is that Shreveport law:

Sec. 2-31. – Compensation of mayor.
(b) The mayor shall receive an annual car allowance of $5,400.00, payable in equal monthly installments on his own warrant; provided, however, that in lieu thereof the city may furnish to the mayor a suitable automobile. (SEE link below.)

A mayor may either drive a vehicle they own and be reimbursed $5,400 a year of the cost, or drive a vehicle taxpayers provide and pay for.

I have easily confirmed that Mayor Perkins has until now driven (or been driven in) a city-owned vehicle.

Why, then, would he insist on being given $5,400 for his car allowance … retroactively for his first year in office, 2019 … when the language in this law is so clear?!

One source details that when another elected city official urged Mayor Perkins not to take the $5,400, the mayor refused to reconsider.

Another city official’s scheduled meeting with Perkins on the matter is reported to have been cancelled.

Obviously, even in Shreveport, a mayor knowingly “taking” $5,400 from taxpayers when he has been repeatedly told such is illegal is anything but minor.

Too, any city official(s) who acted to meet Perkins’ demand are now involved.

… more later …

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Shreveport Code of Ordinances:

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