Sunday, December 16, 2018 … 8:14 A.M.

In two weeks, Adrian Perkins will take the Oath of Office as Shreveport mayor.

He will then become the city’s fifty-ninth mayor, a roster of greats, goods, not-so-goods and awfuls which began with Angus McNeill in 1836.

I have personally known nine of our mayors, two of whom were elected at very difficult times for Shreveport. We were exceptionally served by each.

Now, at another such very difficult time for Shreveport, Mr. Perkins, 33 years old, takes over.

Other than his campaign materials, very few Shreveporters know anything about our soon-to-be-mayor. That disturbing fact notwithstanding …

… I wish Mr. Perkins all the best in his service. It will take his very best, and ours, to keep the swelling number of wolves from the city’s door.

… I sincerely honor the military service of Mr. Perkins and all soldiers who came before and after him. Likewise, he must honor and protect the inherent right of all citizens to seriously question what he says and does as our mayor.

To me, the traditional media’s current celebratory reporting of Mr. Perkins’ election is over-the-top, only in that there has been so little reporting about his background. (More on that in a moment.)

In any case, no matter how little is known about him, Adrian Perkins is a red-hot political property much like former Governor Bobby Jindal once was.

But, unlike Perkins, Jindal was a well-known and reported-on politician. As some journalists veritably praised him as a political wunderkind, others stressed his intended use of the governor’s office to become President.

Mr. Perkins has thoroughly escaped any such media inspection.

As many in the Louisiana news media well know, I strongly and publicly opposed Governor Jindal’s ethics-less-ness and hypocritical opposition to government transparency.

Just as with our city’s last two mayors, I was proven more than merely correct about Jindal.

Now, only slightly better known in Shreveport than in Davenport, Gulfport, Newport, Bridgeport or anywhere else, Mr. Perkins begins his term with the same opposition to that basic ingredient of good government, transparency. A few examples …

… What does it say about Mr. Perkins’ commitment to core American principles and values that he never voted until, at 32, he voted for himself?

… Who was in any way involved in sending / bringing him back to Shreveport after a 14-year absence to be mayor, especially any handlers or organizations in Washington, DC?

… Will he raise our taxes – particularly property taxes – regardless that he does not pay them here, or will he immediately buy and reside in a Shreveport home?

… Mr. Perkins has disclosed a payment of “$25,000-$100,000” for a 2017 “Summer Associate” job with the politically high-powered Sidley Austin LLC firm in Washington. Was that payment for a time when he was already in Shreveport setting up his mayoral run? (SEE November 13th article, below.)

… Mr. Perkins has disclosed monthly disability income. Will it continue with his annual mayoral salary of some $115,000? Might the subject disability be physically debilitating, and the city suffer as a result? Who then succeeds the mayor?

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