Saturday, December 22, 2018 … 10:46 A.M.

In today’s edition, Shreveport Times reporter Nick Wooten writes extensively about not-yet-mayor Adrian Perkins’ dramatic stamping of the New Orleans political brand on Shreveport.

And, to we who demand and work for open government, other news in the report is downright sickening.

There is much – m u c h – in the article which is alarming to me, nothing more immediately striking than Perkins’ deliberate action to conduct our government’s business in secrecy.

As I have written many, many times here and elsewhere, our nation’s First Amendment protection against corrupt and otherwise abusive government is sacrosanct.

Note these statements from Mr. Wooten:

… Perkins and his team did not respond to a request to discuss the transition.”


“… the (Perkins transition) team is incorporated as a nonprofit organization. … The nonprofit designation also shields the transition team from public records requests.”

In an article here this past weekend, I called this shot:

“Now, only slightly better known in Shreveport than in Davenport, Gulfport, Newport, Bridgeport or anywhere else, Mr. Perkins begins his term with the same opposition to that basic ingredient of good government, transparency.”

As my civic activism has proven time and time again, the ability to use Public Records Requests to learn what is REALLY being done to us by our government is particularly priceless in Shreveport / Caddo.

In fact, many disastrous moves by mayors Cedric Glover and Ollie Tyler, as well as the conduct of our school board and parish Commission, mark a dramatic low in official subversion of those protections.

Politicians hide things specifically because what they are doing is corrupt / illegal / self-serving … often, all of the above.

I urge everyone to read Mr. Wooten’s report. It is quite literally too important to ignore:…/perkins-patte…/2277860002/

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