Posted: Friday, August 16, 2019 … 9:45 AM

For Shreveporters who still believe Tuesday’s City Council approval of the $186,000,000 bond issue was not corruptly rigged well in advance, consider a “community meeting” held last night at Bill Cockrell Park in West Shreveport.

Yes, that means what it seems to mean …

… two days after the City Council voted 4-3 to approve Perkins’ wicked brew, the first of a series of such confabs was held for residents of that area.

Think that through for a minute.

Perkins would have us believe the City Council approval came right down to the wire … and was close right up to and after the vote. Yeah, right.

In fact, the supposed series of such “explanatory” meetings are already set to take place right up to the November election … eight of them.

As I explained in one of my articles just before the Council vote, the process for the last such bond issue fiasco – in 2011 – had a series of such meetings held throughout the City …

… BEFORE the City Council vote to approve the bond issue.

Perkins and his Council majority – James Flurry, Jerry Bowman, Jr., James Green and Willie Bradford – knew all of this was wired from the moment on July 8th that Flurry’s decided vote was iced in a deal which netted him a job at WKHS.

So, here is how it came down:

July 4th … Perkins sneaks bond issue onto the first related City Council agenda

July 8th … the critical fourth Council vote of approval (James Flurry) is nailed down

August 13th … totally rigged City Council vote approves $186,000,000 bond issue

Put it this way: in fewer than six weeks, Perkins rig-job was over and done.

In the $175,000,000 version in 2011, the like process from inception to Council approval required more than a year.

As for last night’s kick-off “meeting,” the KSLA Television video shows fourteen – that’s 14 – people. For those who can stomach seeing this bad government hootenanny, half of the attendees (or more?) are City officials, employees, or other government officials.

Such makes perfect sense, of course: how could the public be notified in advance without Perkins proving how long this fix has been in?!

Worse yet, Perkins wanted to be damned sure opponents see and understand this … that is his signature on this handiwork.

For any who do not know how Louisiana election campaigns are funded, let me assure you that the #1 requirement of Perkins’ rig job was to have this bond issue election on the same ballot as the November Louisiana vote for governor … “governor” as in Democrat John Bel Edwards.

That race will have more money on the street for election day than perhaps in any election in Louisiana history. This bond issue is along for that mega-money election ride.

Gee, thanks, Mayor Perkins, for such a soup-to-nuts rig-job.

You’ve taken “insult to injury” to a new level … call it a Shreveport level.

My thanks to KSLA for its report by Curtis Heyen, especially for noting in the text that the “meeting” was held “with little advance notice.”

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