Saturday, February 3, 2018 … 11:43 A.M.

For perhaps a significant number of Shreveport residents, our just-beginning campaign for mayor may well determine if they stay or join our city’s years-long exodus.

In my experience, confidence in local government is at an all-time low. The 2018-2022 mayoral term will be my eleventh since 1978, and as I wrote last November, the stakes for us can be no higher.

The combination of unchecked public corruption, still deteriorating public education, and our highest-in-Louisiana city / parish property taxes has accomplished precisely what logic dictates.

Therefore, the current mayoral campaign – and the next mayor – must restore (corruption free) hope and confidence. That is provably possible … precisely what occurred in 1978.


No person is a mayoral candidate until she or he officially qualifies between July 18th and July 20th. The primary election is November 6th, with a possible run-off December 8th.

Here are noteworthy, would-be candidates:


I am not convinced our mayor will qualify, since too many unresolved issues dog her.

Just after her December 2014 inauguration, Tyler told the Shreveport Times her top priority would be to “lower crime.” In fact, homicides are up 78.6%, from 28 to 50, since then.

Tyler also persists in preserving the city’s corruption-plagued “A. & E.” Committee exactly as ex-Mayor Cedric Glover designed it, including citizen appointees barred by the City Charter.

And, in April, Shreveporters will vote anew on a list of property tax millages from Tyler and the City Council, a referendum very likely to spotlight Tyler’s taxation romance.


Caddo Commissioner Steven Jackson, once a darling of Shreveport’s “leadership,” is now most recognizable as (a) the other political half of ex-Mayor Glover, and (b) the point-man in the intended removal of the Caddo Courthouse Confederate Memorial monument.

Calvin Lester, a former City Councilman and long-time Glover operative, is said to be Jackson’s campaign boss, a functioning umbilical to Glover.


Mr. Savage is the lone white candidate yet of note. A political unknown, Savage has a campaign social media page, but without details. A Shreveport native who recently returned, he has attracted the attention of some conservative activists.


Currently an investigator for Caddo Parish D. A. James Stewart, the former Shreveport Police Department detective is best known for his “Murder Chose Me” television show appearances.

Needless to say, African-American Republicans are nearly unheard of here, and for Demery to have a chance, a switch to Independent – tagged “Other” in Louisiana – must be in his future.


Several sources describe Mr. Perkins as the intended lay-down hand of our hidden “leadership” … to be dropped into the race at the last moment.

A 2003 graduate of Captain Shreve, Perkins went to West Point, then active military duty, and is now completing Harvard Law.

He is attached to State Senator Greg Tarver by both politics and family relationship.

A cover-story in place has Tarver deploying Perkins to assume the state senator’s seat next year, thus blocking Cedric Glover.

A sneak, underhanded mayoral grab by the cabal which did much the same with Tyler in 2014 is far more typical here.

Though Perkins identifies himself in one online article as “strategic technology adviser” of the City of Shreveport, none of those I consulted at City Hall found any such position.

Perkins also identifies himself as an intern of both Governor John Bel Edwards, and the U. S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

If the rumors are true that Perkins / Tarver are two-thirds of a political team which also includes local heavy Lynn Braggs, then “the candidate” is actually Perkins / Tarver / Braggs.

… To be continued …

© 2018 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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