(Given my recent treatment by Facebook and/or its agents, I knowingly decided to write on this subject. With the names of both Perkins and Obama in the headline, this may be a test.)

Yes, yes, it is true: former President Obama has tweeted out his “endorsement” of Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins’ in the campaign intended to end the career of our senior U. S. Senator Bill Cassidy.

To say the “endorsement” triggered a stir among politics watchers is an understatement.

Still, I opted not to jump on the story when the news broke, for what I believe are fairly obvious reasons:

… Obama’s “endorsement” was made by way of a Twitter tweet (pardon the redundancy),

… Perkins was 1 of 111 thus blessed by the former president,

… Obama had earlier endorsed a wave of a different 118 pols around the nation including his used-to-be veep, Joe Biden, for President, and

… among those 229 “endorsements,” Obama in no way mentioned which candidates he had ever so much as laid eyes on.

Given what we now know about Mayor Perkins’ campaign, we would be wise to recognize that Perkins is by virtue of this “endorsement” a bona fide card-carrying cog in the wheel of Democrat Party electioneering.

Given what I have learned in my career about how said electioneering is prone to break lists of laws, honest folk must brace themselves: this will be ugly … uglier than even the horrid norm.

I continue to be on watch for any evidence – heck, any hint – that former President Obama has any clue whatsoever about who Mayor Perkins actually is. Given the mayor’s record in office, one might have expected Obama to continue leaving Perkins completely alone.

I also continue to watch for any evidence that other notables who are financing or otherwise advancing Perkins career – George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Kamala Harris, etc. – have even the tiniest clue what damage Perkins has done to Shreveport … in less than two years in office.

(No, I cannot confirm the rumor buzzing around that Ted Kennedy has endorsed Perkins.)

For any who are interested, here is President Obama’s subject tweet, unimpressive as it is:

“I’m proud to endorse these outstanding Democratic candidates who will work to get the virus under control, rebuild the economy and the middle class, and protect Americans’ healthcare and preexisting conditions protections. Support these candidates — and vote early if you can.”

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