I have written, and written about, these clarion ten words before … as simple, yet powerful, as any sentence I ever heard:

There is never a right time to do a wrong thing.

I heard the sentence the first time almost forty years ago as preached by Dr. D. L. Dykes at our city’s First Methodist Church.

A bit more recently, Dr. Lou Holtz expanded the rule of life this way …

… There is never a right time to do the wrong thing, and there is never a wrong time to do the right thing.

Now, as the fires started in Minneapolis spread to other American cities, we are yet again called to brace for … well … who knows what.

Regardless what else, America now and again suffers in the wake of George Floyd’s death at the knee of a policeman paid by taxpayers to protect and serve.

The white policeman was quickly charged with killing Mr. Floyd, who was black. That charge, as most of us knew to expect, will do little to quell the resulting marauding mob.

I watch and hear little of the so-called “news” coverage and even less of the commentary. I return as always to the thoughts shared by a short list of those I trust.

Not one of my trusted commentators disagrees, even in the slightest, with those bedrock few words delivered by Drs. Dykes and Holtz. After all, those words very well explain what many if not most of us were taught very early in our lives.

Those who were not taught such rules and beliefs are now and again putting on a show of hatred and destruction. What they destroy is equally likely to belong to a black person as a white one.

Burn baby burn, indeed.

As always in such times, my attention quickly turned to our Shreveport home … will this circus of hate roll into our place?

Who knows is, of course, the logical answer, but notwithstanding that fact, I am heartened by those who govern and protect us … most notably our City Council and police chief.

I believe we are particularly fortunate to have a seven-member Council which now includes newcomer Tabatha H. Taylor. As I continue to speak with my circle of friends and other sources, Councilwoman Taylor is thought of highly, and with confidence, by each and every one.

I also believe our city’s police chief is the right man at the right time. A veteran policeman, Chief Ben Raymond now faces a local spike in violent crime having nothing to do with Minneapolis, and growing concerns about the deaths of two people in the custody of his officers.

My greatest fear, I admit, is the ever-increasing number of national “news” media talking heads and elected officials who will speak, if not act, against our nation’s greater good.

The risk of that effect is, I believe, as high if not higher than at any time in American history.

Even so, in the here and now, I believe our police force, under the watchful eyes of Councilwomen LeVette Fuller and Tabatha Taylor, and Councilmen John Nickelson, Grayson Boucher, James Flurry, James Green and Jerry Bowman, Jr., is up to this task.

I offer my heartfelt thanks and prayers to each of them, and those in our employ who are charged with keeping the peace.

© 2020 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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