Tuesday, January 28, 2020 … 6:49 P.M.

Within the hour, the Shreveport City Council voted to stop the Cross Bayou Point project in its tracks … ending negotiations with Mayor Perkins’ administration.

Council members LeVette Fuller, James Flurry, Grayson Boucher and John Nickelson voted to end the city’s consideration of the highly controversial proposal.

Council members Jerry Bowman, Jr., James Green, and Willie Bradford voted to continue the project to following stages of development.

Mayor Adrian Perkins more than once signaled his support of the project while publicly claiming he was “only doing what the City Council directed.”

The meeting was distinctly marked by comments which can only honestly be called racist. Yesterday’s City Council work session (now fancifully called “Administrative Conferences”) was likewise marked.

The racism was repeatedly fanned by Councilman Willie Bradford, and included many if not most African-American voices in favor of the project during the Public Comments portion of the meeting.

One commenter, Downtown Development Authority (DDA) head Liz Swaine, particularly noted a telephone conversation she had with Councilman Bradford yesterday which left her “angry and sad” at its end.

Bradford continued that line as Ms. Swain’s allotted three-minutes of comment ended, pressing her to tell him the racial make-up of the two citizen boards she administrates, the DDA and Downtown Shreveport Unlimited.

In answering, Ms. Swaine noted that both boards unanimously rejected the Gateway Development Consortium / Cross Bayou Point proposal, opposition about which I recently wrote.

… more later …

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