… Wednesday, November 1, 2017 … 3:18 P.M. …

Shreveport Mayor Ollie Tyler is directing a team of taxpayer-funded attorneys, hard at work with two City Hall scandals: the Architectural & Engineering Selection Committee – “A & E Committee” – and water-sewer under-billing.

A lot of that work well fits the definition of “cover-up.” (Previous article, link #1, below.)

As such City Hall deception here goes, this is more remarkable by the day.

Mayor Tyler is protecting the interests of ex-Mayor Cedric Glover and top players he appointed / hired. For whatever reasons, she is certainly putting on a show of it.


Mr. Aubrey, Glover’s close personal friend, chairs the A & E Committee. He is one of nine (total) A & E Committee members, and one of only two who are specifically picked by a mayor, that is, not automatically appointed by city ordinance.

The official Minutes of Committee meetings from 2014 through the most recent ones on July 20, 2017, identify Aubrey as A & E Committee Chairman, and KTBS News reports that Aubrey has been on the Committee for nine years. (SEE link #2.)

That Committee tenure for Aubrey is explicitly prohibited by Shreveport law (SEE link #3), which states …

… “The (A & E) committee members shall select a chairman who shall serve a one-year term.”

On top of that illegality, a much more notable ruse screams from the fact that Aubrey, the chairman of perhaps the most powerful committee in all of Shreveport city government, does not live here.

This chain of documentary evidence begins with an online biography of Aubrey which originated from and belongs to Team Tyler’s very own Shreveport Department of Community Development (SEE link #4).

The last line of that current – 2017 – two-page salute to Aubrey reads …

… “He and his wife, the former Millicent Maiden, currently reside in Shreveport.”

That certainly should be true, but it is not.

Aubrey was hired by AT&T in “external affairs” in July 2014. It is not surprising, therefore, that public documents show his “primary residence” to be in St. Gabriel, Louisiana, ten-or-twelve miles south of downtown Baton Rouge.

As Caddo Parish Tax Assessor records document, Aubrey and his spouse own one house in Shreveport (SEE link #5). Various sources note that it is not the Aubreys who live there.

As Iberville Parish Tax Assessor records show, Aubrey and his spouse own their home in St. Gabriel (SEE link #6).

When Louisianans own more than one house, the Louisiana Tax Commission specifies, as follows (SEE link #7), which is the “primary residence” …

… “In order to qualify for homestead exemption, one must own and occupy the house as his/her primary residence. Regardless of how many houses are owned, no one is entitled to more than one homestead exemption …”

On Mr. / Mrs. Aubrey’s Caddo Assessor record, “Homestead Status” is marked “None,” and on the Iberville Assessor record, “Homestead?” for Aubrey is marked “Yes” (dated February 24, 2016).

Bizarre contrivance aside, Aubrey owns two houses, one of which he personally, legally specified as his primary residence. It is not in Shreveport. It is in St. Gabriel.

We are left to wonder, therefore, why – why?! – is there so much winking and nodding about where the long-time Chairman of our Architect & Engineering Committee actually lives?

And, why is he allowed to retain the chairmanship years longer than city law unambiguously says he is allowed to?

And, why are Tyler are her top staff hiring extra lawyers on our dime to conduct this attempted cover-up?

… more later …

© 2017 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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