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I thank all who have contacted me about the shooting of Juan Zuniga at El Compadre Restaurant on East Kings Highway in Shreveport, just before midnight Saturday night.

This morning’s updates provide new details, of course, including specifics of at least two GoFundMe accounts which have been set up to help pay the young man’s medical expenses.

For any who do not yet know, Zuniga was shot twice in the chest as two robbers stole his mother’s purse. The two men escaped with the purse, while Zuniga is in University Health, very seriously wounded.

Not since gang violence broke-out in Shreveport in the late 1980s and early 1990s has any single crime struck a nerve as has this one, I believe.

That crime wave, attributed to west coast gangs which had set up shop in Shreveport, led to the hiring of a new Shreveport Police Department chief, Charles “Chuck” Gruber.

Here is the KTBS-TV updated report:


Here is the KSLA-TV report. (Be warned that upon opening the link, the audio may be very loud.)


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9:50 A.M.

SHOOTING OF JUAN ZUNIGA … (re: 1988 Cedar Grove Riot)

Many readers of my original post about Saturday night’s shooting of Juan Zuniga have cited the Cedar Grove riot, at a time, decades ago, when Chuck Gruber was Chief of Police.

The long-time assertion has been that Gruber “allowed” the riot to spread. For those of us who had any direct information at the time, the more detailed information was that the chief was acting under orders of Mayor John Hussey, also advised by others in law enforcement.

Perhaps this post will produce additional information from then-city officials.

Many in law enforcement then understood and agreed with parts of that report, but others never did … and have not since.

At the time, in September 1988, the New York Times was far less reviled than today in terms of direct news coverage. Here is their article reporting the riot:


Elliott Stonecipher

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