Rep. Glover’s Screaming “FIRE!!” In Our Theater Is Noxious

Thursday, September 8, 2016

I won’t waste anyone’s time with explanations for why Cedric Glover does such things … our time is truly worth far, far more than that. For now, we can put out the fire he has set on behalf of his Biomedical Research Foundation (BRF) “friends”:

NO, NO, NO … our LSU Medical School is NOT being relocated to Baton Rouge!

Relying on KEEL Radio and the Shreveport Times to pour gasoline on the fire, Glover’s hysteria has been exposed for the hooey it is.

Here is Rebekah Allen’s slam-the-door-on-that-crap article in The Advocate:…/article_f56f23a2-7536-11e6-86f…

When Biomed’s contract with its boss – the LSU Board of Supervisors – was inked under then-Governor Bobby Jindal, it included 54 blank pages. Included in the pages which were not blank, Biomed was illegally exempted from the Louisiana Public Records Act. So, we cannot find out if Glover is, as many contend, being paid by Biomed to do the damage he is doing.

Since he is a state representative, such would be criminally sanctionable, so I am sure we will never know.

Regardless, we can snuff out the screaming-fire theatrics of Glover and those in the media who have helped him.

Relying on the “help” of malefactors like Glover is foolish on BRF’s part. It is bad enough that they have declared war on King Alexander, LSU, and the LSU Medical School.

Elliott Stonecipher

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