Tuesday, January 17, 2017 …. 10:14 A.M. ….

Yet again, we have been warned.

One more time, the dishonesty and arrogance of Superintendent Lamar Goree, his top staff, and Caddo Parish School Board members are highlighted for all to see.

The new warning shows how system bossmen and bosswomen – and I DO mean “boss” – decided it is no biggie for a teacher to threaten to kill others working on behalf of our children.

The C.P.S.B. response was their awful usual: they stiffed parents and the news media … i.e., the public.

As readers view the report by Shon Gables at KTBS-TV, I urge everyone to notice how the hallmark of our system – arrogance of power among and by so-called “leaders” – jumps out:…/riverside-elementary-teacher-threaten…

Apparently, we only know what we do about the subject negligence from a lawsuit filed for unrelated purposes.

I again note these points from Ms. Gables’ report:

… “School officials have admitted they did not investigate the death threats.”

… “School district administrators declined to speak to KTBS-3 news, saying how they handled it is a personnel matter.”

… Human Resources boss: “If someone threatened to kill me, I would be calling the police; I wouldn’t be calling their employer.”

Dr. Goree, the CPSB and other system bosses are guilty of official malfeasance, both in acting to cover-up the threat and surrounding facts, and in failing to protect others for whom they are responsible.

As some few of us can personally attest, these system bosses revel in their ability … their power … to ignore anything they choose to:

… system bosses routinely, openly break the law in their handling of Public Records Requests, and celebrate that malfeasance;

… bosses have repeatedly refused to answer questions about molestation involving employees in the system;

… bosses have openly refused to answer questions about theft of public funds by system employees; and,

… bosses have refused to produce written warnings they received before the hiring of our current superintendent.

In short, C.P.S.B. bosses are out of the public’s control … as they purposely and maliciously intend and carefully nurture.

Now and again, the people of Caddo Parish have been warned.

It is only a matter of time before this official negligence directly causes harm – or death – to one or more of our children.

I hope and pray the public and responsible authorities outside our school system are now awake.

© 2016 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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