RASA provides no new information to Caddo Commission

SHREVEPORT, La. – The Caddo Parish Commission held its second regular session meeting for this month on Oct. 20 in the late afternoon at Government Plaza.

The Commission meeting began by hearing citizen comments, recognizing a few special resolutions and hearing communique and committee reports.

Following our article last week about how the three beneficiaries of the hotel tax are moving forward with their new funds, the Commission heard presentations from both the Independence Bowl Foundation and The Shreveport-Bossier Sports Commission.

Representatives from the Ark-La-Tex Regional Air Service Alliance, however, did not give a progress report at the meeting. Tim Wilhite, RASA director and past president, instead sent a letter to the Commission in response to the request. That letter is available online and is also included in the meeting agenda.

Surprisingly, Wilhite and RASA provided no more information to the Commission than can be found in last week’s article, despite the Commission’s request regarding the funds generated by the hotel occupancy tax.

RASA stood by its claims, again saying the ongoing projects are strictly private and cannot be revealed to the public until they are completed. Once again, no estimated dates for when the public might see progress in obtaining more direct flights and increased air service in the Shreveport area were given.

“RASA can not disclose current projects or negotiations with any airline or carrier as those are confidential,” Wilhite said in the letter to the Commission. “Further, it is not in the best interest of our community to disclose any details until a written agreement is in place with a carrier as many other communities are also seeking additional air service.”

The non-profit did provide its net sum to the Commission, though, as it is public record. The total amount received by RASA since the occupancy tax went into effect last December was reported by RASA as being $414,093.71. RASA reiterated it has not spent any of this taxpayer revenue to date, and it will not do so until an agreement for a new air service is in place.

During the meeting, the Commission also heard a lengthy presentation from BRF about its streamlined processes and its new initiatives to give better patient care. BRF representatives did not, however, comment on the Foundation’s late payment to LSU Shreveport, which the Governor’s office labeled as overdue last week. No mention of the BRF’s ongoing battle with the LSU System was made.

Video from the Caddo Parish Commission meeting is now available online and can be accessed here.

The Commission will hold another regular session meeting on Thursday, Nov. 3, in the Government Chambers inside of Government Plaza in downtown Shreveport. These regular session meetings are open to the public, and calendar information can be found on the Commission website.

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