When the City Council last met two weeks ago, it rejected Mayor Adrian Perkins’ proposal to borrow $35,000,000 for the City to spend … whenever … for whatever … no further specifics offered … just because.

That attempt failed, barely … thanks to a 3-3 tie vote, with Council members Tabitha Taylor, James Green and Jerry Bowman backing his dumbfounding connivance. With Councilman James Flurry ill and absent, members LeVette Fuller, Grayson Boucher and John Nickleson opposed.

After Councilman Jerry Bowman loudly went off on those members who dared to use common sense to crash the fiscal nuttiness, the mayor angrily informed the assemblage he would be back in today’s meeting to get the job done. He specifically swore to lean on every member who was opposed in the days between.

(My article about that dust-up two weeks ago is here on, also posted on Facebook:

Albeit without any evidence of the threatened strong-arming over the past two weeks, Perkins’ fiscal flight of fancy failed again (just an hour or so ago). Without any discussion, the agenda item came up again … failing 4-3 this time.

This evening, Councilman James Flurry, present by video link, joined members Fuller, Boucher and Nickelson in again voting no.

The entire matter took a couple of minutes this time, start to finish. (An alcohol license revocation in the Martin Luther King area preceded it, eating up more than an hour and more or less emptying the chamber of any who were still awake.)

Based on my conversations with various players over the past few weeks, my conclusion remains the same: Mayor Perkins had some very specific plans to score big bucks for various friends who would provide professional services necessary for the city to borrow the money.

Admittedly, I still do not know where the money that was left after those fees were skimmed might actually have gone. Not one source has yet to identify to me a single, actual, necessary expenditure our mayor ever mentioned.

When I wrote about this in my previous article, I decided on “for the heck of it” as the best way to explain why Perkins wanted to borrow that money. After two weeks, I can put that a bit more succinctly …

… for the heck of it, for his “friends.”

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