First, I note media reports confirming that Mayor Perkins is seriously considering a campaign against sitting United States Senator Bill Cassidy. As of 7:00 last evening, the Shreveport daily paper confirms Perkins’ consideration of that move.

MOST notably, should Perkins run – he must qualify next Wednesday / Thursday / Friday – he does NOT have to resign as Shreveport mayor to campaign.

On other peoples’ money, he can separate himself from the governmental / financial collapse Shreveport faces.

* * * * * * * *

This report is written to update our group’s work detailing how Mayor Adrian Perkins has recently and repeatedly, we now know, dodged D.U.I. arrests.

First, I specifically note that no amount of abuse will convince me to identify SPD personnel helping us. Just as notably, I wish I knew none of what I am reporting here.

Second, the work continues from and by several orgs to produce related documents and other records. Yes, those efforts are being blocked in and by City Hall.

Third, given what we have already learned, the picture detailed to us by directly involved high-ranking SPD officers inarguably suggests our mayor is in serious need of professional help … which no source reports he is receiving.

Regardless, facts could not be sharper in proving the risk to Shreveport citizens from and by our mayor’s conduct.

We are told that between April 5th and July 10th .…

… D.U.I. stops of the mayor total four (4). (I have written about the April 5th and July 10th events.)

… The last three of the four stops occurred within a one-week span, and two were on the same day.

(I particularly thank the senior SPD officer who provided more than enough detail for us to begin to understand why this continues to happen.)

Very importantly, the mayor’s conduct – which known facts suggest is traceable to alcohol consumption and /or meds – includes notable behaviors we will not disclose. It is conduct may well endanger him and others.

Based on facts shared with us, the mayor “dumps” his security officer(s) to conceal such behaviors.

We conclude that the mayor being “pulled over” occurs when his security team relocates him and he is in no condition to drive.

We are told he is driven home by an officer in each such instance.

Be all this at it may, were any others of us pulled-over and arrested for D.U.I. four (4) times in ANY period of time, here is what state law dictates we would face (full article linked below):

Louisiana RS 14:98.4 – Operating while intoxicated, fourth offense; penalties

C. … on a subsequent conviction of a fourth or subsequent offense … the offender shall be fined five thousand dollars and imprisoned at hard labor for not less than ten nor more than thirty years. No part of the sentence shall be imposed with benefit of parole, probation, or suspension of sentence …

I believe the mayor is in screaming need of help … and Shreveport citizens are in like need of protection from his behavior.

© 2020 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

“Operating while intoxicated, fourth offense; penalties”


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