This report updates our work detailing how Mayor Adrian Perkins was let off the hook on a D.U.I. violation late last Thursday night.

(At last count, Pt. 2 in this series has racked-up 443 Likes, an all-time high. I thank all of you for your interest in our city’s spiral-down, and hope everyone will continue to “Like” this work.)

I believe this event demonstrates two recurring, sanctionable behaviors of the mayor … driving under the influence and gross abuse of power.

In combination with a like event on April 5th, it is clear that some in the police department are aiding and abetting the likelihood of Mayor Perkins harming others with such irresponsibility.

Even more notable, in a sense, is the allegation that Mayor Perkins dodged arrest in the April 5th event by “cutting a deal” with one or more very high-ranking Shreveport Police Department officials.

If true, that allegation is far beyond merely serious. Regardless, only an actual investigation into that specific charge by officials outside Shreveport / Caddo Parish can possibly confirm or refute it.

Put simply, the mayor’s dodge of consequences in the April 5th event was, I believe, to some degree responsible for the latest dodge last Thursday evening / early Friday morning.

* * * * * * *

Here are details of what our group did in determining the facts and preparing these reports.

Seven of us in communication by way of this social media page, email and telephone confirmed to the degree possible the facts I have already reported in earlier parts of this series. Our group included an attorney, an elected local official, a local radio personality, and four additional social media colleagues and contributors.

In a period of a few hours, our group learned / confirmed that …

… Mayor Perkins was pulled-over by a ranking officer of SPD, reportedly driving the wrong way on a downtown street.

… An Asst. Chief of SPD “gave the order” for that SPD officer to drive Mayor Perkins to his nearby condo rather than treat him as would be the case for others of us.

I did not write my first report until my sources confirmed these facts with two additional sources, each of whom has direct knowledge of what occurred.

A notable fact, regardless of its sensitivity, is that race is said to have played a determinative role in what occurred.

As of now, no traditional “news media” orgs have reported these events. That is not mine to explain. However, I have deep experience with that issue here, and it is, quite literally, the reason I began this work on this social media platform a decade ago.

Having said that, a trusted source believes at least one local news group is, in fact, at work on these matters and our mayor’s disabilities which may contribute to them.

* * * * * * * *

We learned over the weekend that City Councilwoman LeVette Fuller is asking for an external investigation into the Shreveport Police Department. Our group is in no way involved with that effort.

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