Thursday, September 28, 2017 … 8:24 P.M.

Yes, word of a possible federal probe of Shreveport City Hall is spreading. Those law enforcement officials cannot get here soon enough.

Why? Because City Hall is making directly related decisions it should not be making.

In a remarkable turn of events, the specific means and methods of long-endured City Hall corruption are being exposed by the Sand Beach Properties, LLC, water under-billing lawsuit against the city. (SEE Part 1 of this series, linked below.)

But, as Mayor Tyler and our city attorney work to defend that lawsuit, City Hall corruption may well be aided and abetted.

How? Consider City Hall’s now-turned-infamous “A & E Committee.”

This Committee – officially the Architect & Engineering Selection Committee – was originally established in pursuit of good government by City Ordinance 113 of 1988, and later amended to become Ordinance 203 of 1996. Its purpose was …

“… to assure that the city selected qualified firms to provide it with architectural, engineering, interior design, construction management, land surveying and landscape architectural services in an open and competitive manner …”

Now, after a decade of former Mayor Cedric Glover’s influence, the Committee and its process are known for results opposite those originally intended.

In fact, key (in context) Glover pals and players stayed aboard when Mayor Tyler took over, and are being exposed in legal discovery conducted in the Sand Beach lawsuit.

Most dramatically, our city attorney is protecting the same entrenched, offending players.

One example is Lynn Braggs – campaign manager and consummate City Hall insider with and for Glover and Tyler – exposed in his December 2016 deposition by Sand Beach attorney Jerry Harper.

Another example is David Aubrey, a Glover administration official who is also his close and trusted friend.

(His Shreveport City Hall status notwithstanding, Aubrey apparently lives in Baton Rouge, where he works, but selectively mentions a Shreveport residence as “home” when need be.)

Aubrey’s turf for Glover included the A & E Committee – noteworthy by then for all the wrong reasons – the spot he also now holds for Mayor Tyler.

My research confirms that Aubrey presided as Chairman in nine-of-ten A & E Committee meetings held since Tyler took office on December 27, 2014. The tenth meeting was ten weeks ago, on July 20, 2017, the Minutes of which still have not been transcribed / posted online.

Before that most recent meeting began, Aubrey was served with a subpoena for his deposition in the water under-billing litigation, and for documents related to companies he reportedly owns.

Just days after the subpoena was served, Aubrey posted on social media a photo of himself at the Shreveport Police Department as he reported his cell phone – and all text messages therein – (coincidentally) stolen.

Here, then, is the crux of the matter.

Supposedly in defending the Sand Beach lawsuit, the city’s – our – attorney is hard at work on David Aubrey’s behalf, at our expense, guarding him from a deposition under oath, and protecting all related documents, cell phone records, text messages, and more.

I believe the Tyler administration has a loud and glaring conflict of interest anytime City Hall corruption is the issue.

… To be continued …

© 2017 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

September 24, 2017, Stonecipher article:

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