Sunday, October 29, 2017 … 11:34 A.M.

When I was (finally) old enough to vote, Clyde Fant was finishing his combined twenty years as Shreveport mayor, and Calhoun Allen was soon elected to replace him.

From Mayors Allen through Ollie Tyler, eight mayors have been elected, spanning almost five decades of my Shreveport life.

Beginning with Mayor Billy Hanna, elected in 1978, I have researched, analyzed for our news media, or otherwise been involved in the mayoralty of each.

Among these mayors were women and men, black and white, Democrats and Republicans.

More than one was, I believe, decidedly good for our city, but two of them took an ethical, political and governmental axe to Shreveport.

One year and one week from now, on November 6, 2018, Shreveporters who care will vote on the next list of would-be mayors.

The stakes have never been higher.

Either Shreveporters will elect a far above average mayor, or else.

Shreveport’s clear and present dangers are public corruption – now a way of political and governmental life here – destructively high taxation, rising crime, and a public school system in which 41-of-65 schools are failing … graded “D” or “F.”

Thereby, Shreveport simultaneously chases residents away and slams its door on newcomers.

This series of articles comments on notables in the mix for election as our next mayor.


Political chatter has our mayor either running for re-election or quietly arranging for someone she can control to replace her, apparently City Councilman Jerry Bowman, Jr.

With due respect, our mayor is a poor fit for the job. In fact, as some are aware, had former City Councilman Sam Jenkins not run into “tax problems” as the 2014 race approached, Ms. Tyler would not have been in the race.

Once in, the local establishment passed along to her campaign the necessary several hundred thousand dollars needed for her election.

Those “leaders” were greatly aided by some in our local news media who aggressively (and unethically) protected her against questions she even yet refuses to answer.

Voi la! … Shreveporters were assigned a new mayor.

It is striking how anti-transparency Mayor Tyler is, and that she has never publicly acknowledged our city’s corruption scourge. Such is always the case with any official too near the evidence of its fact.

Ex-Mayor Cedric Glover and Mayor Tyler have shared the same campaign manager and political handler, businessman Lynn Braggs. Braggs is now at the top of any informed list of who a U. S. Attorney would be investigating for corruption in Shreveport.

A notable nexus for Tyler-Glover-Braggs is City Hall’s infamous Architect & Engineering Selection Committee.

Chairman David Aubrey and Linda Biernacki, the only two citizen members of the Committee, were appointed by Glover, and Mayor Tyler has dutifully kept them there, no matter what. (SEE my report, and a key KTBS-TV report, linked below.)

Now, Tyler has gone much further down that wrong road, spending taxpayer money for extra city attorneys to protect David Aubrey from being deposed (under oath) in the City Hall water-sewer under-billing scandal. (SEE my article, “City Hall Cover-up,” below.)


Councilman Bowman seemed to demonstrate his deal with Mayor Tyler in the recent City Council vote which killed her sports complex push. The vote was 0-6 against the thing, with Bowman finding is necessary to disappear from the premises just before that.

KTBS News investigative reporter Shon Gables interviewed Bowman last January, as the councilman began setting himself up to run for mayor. (SEE link below.)

In 2004, Bowman stole $10,000 from a car rental agency, and ultimately pled to misdemeanor theft.

Given his mayoral ambitions, he has managed to have a judge expunge his record.

… to be continued …

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