Thursday, May 2, 2019 … 3:02 P.M.

The subpoena to Mayor Adrian Perkins, about which I wrote on Tuesday, relates to a violation of state campaign finance law which I had specifically reported in my January 26, 2019 article.

Not yet addressed, however, by the Louisiana Board of Ethics / Ethics Administration, is the much more serious violation arising from Perkins’ home in Savanah, Georgia..

The violation of state campaign finance law which required a subpoena was the subject of a KSLA Television News report on Tuesday night (SEE link #1 below).

In my article three months ago (SEE link #2 below), I reported that violation …

… “One reported contribution – $4,500 from Kyle Bass of Texarkana, AR – was above the $2,500 contribution limit for a “district office” in any single reporting period. According to its website, Belt Construction, Inc., is a municipal utility contractor, and Bass is its President.”

According to KSLA, the $2,000 from Bass which is over the maximum allowed has been returned to him by Perkins.

* * * * * *

Throughout his campaign and time in office, Perkins has been strongly criticized for not owning a home in Shreveport, and thus not paying our property taxes as other property owners must.

In Perkins’ official documents necessary to run for mayor – his “Tier 2 Personal Financial Disclosure Statement,” which he personally signed and filed on July 25, 2018 – his “Schedule E” reported, as required, what he called a “rental” property in Chatham County, Georgia, with a stated value of “more than $100,000.”

Additional research found that Perkins had a Veterans Administration mortgage on that “rental” residence, and that he paid property taxes on it to that county tax assessor.

“Schedule I: Other Income” in that same report, however, failed to report any rental income paid to Perkins, regardless that the form includes this instruction:

“You are required to complete Schedule I if you or your spouse received any other type of income (includes any income from private source such as RENTAL INCOME that exceeded $1,000.)”

To read the report, click on this link – – enter the mayor’s first and last name in the “Keyword Search” box, then click on his name when that page opens.

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