Saturday, December 8, 2018 … 11:08 P.M.

It will be difficult to find anyone surprised by the fact that a smattering of Shreveport voters today picked Adrian Perkins to be mayor, by a good margin.

It will be difficult, too, to find anyone surprised that his – today’s – vote was underwhelming, and then some.

Yes, young Mr. Perkins won with 64% of the vote over one-termer Ollie Tyler. That margin tracks nicely with his fundraising advantage, too.

When the smoke cleared, however, only 38,916 folks voted. That was a 30.9% turnout according to the Secretary of State, and much lower than the 48.7% he calculated for the primary election four-and-a-half weeks ago.

Compare today’s 38,916 voter turnout to these:

… 60,528 who voted in last month’s mayoral primary,

… 53,989 who voted in the comparable run-off between Ms. Tyler and Victoria Provenza four years ago,

… 58,720 who voted in the like run-off between Cedric Glover and Bryan Wooley in 2010, and

… 65,864 who voted in the like run-off between Glover and Jerry Jones in 2006.

Put another way, the turnout in today’s election of Mr. Perkins was …

… 35.7% lower than last month,
… 27.9% lower than in that like run-off in 2014,
… 33.7% lower than in that like vote in 2010, and
… 40.9% lower than in that like election in 2006.

Yes, yes, and yes: it rained today. I have not checked to see what the weather was in those other elections, either. On the other hand, Perkins outspent Ms. Tyler by a huge margin.

Net/net, Mr. Perkins won against an incumbent who should not have run, as many have noted. He beat an already defeated incumbent who was, in fact, financed by many of the same people last time who financed him this time.

It is also true that he has never voted before, owns a home and pays property taxes in Georgia but has / does neither here, will not divulge why he has a medical disability income, and graduated from law school but did not take the bar exam. I could go on and on, of course, but there is no point.

Regardless anything else, 2019 will fall on Shreveport like a ton of bricks in three weeks.

Of course, it would have been no picnic with the incumbent, either.

Meantime, we who are not aboard any train of local pols / handlers / water-carriers or the like are simply praying we have enough cover at the proper times and in the proper places.

Perhaps that kind of thinking has something to do with today’s turnout?

© 2018 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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