Tuesday, May 12, 2020 … 1:45 P.M.

My headline for this article was very deliberately chosen.

America’s internal, ideological war of words, laws and core beliefs is worsening. Many of us find that we must work more and more diligently to truly understand what is happening in and to our nation.

What is unfolding as this article is prepared are two gut-punches to America, either of which would be difficult enough to grasp alone …

… the Democrat Party leadership has come down on the side of Americans staying home much longer than necessary to “protect” themselves from COVID-19, and

… yes, in their final days in office in early 2017, former President Barack Obama and top members of his administration definitively acted to somehow – anyhow – wreck the incoming administration of President Donald Trump.

The first of these two mind-bending ops is best described as “Democrats against work” … that political Party’s use of the coronavirus and its extremely high unemployment as a means to the political end of defeating Trump’s re-election in November.

This means, of course, that Democrats are now more or less openly opposing what the most successful Democrat in American history, Franklin Roosevelt, knew was the nation’s lifeblood … Americans having a job … work.

As the Great Depression gripped and gutted America, with 20% of its workers jobless, FDR created perhaps the most successful government program in history: the Works Progress Administration … WPA. By 1935, when 10,000,000 Americans had no jobs, FDR and his WPA put 3,000,000 of them to work.

For a half-century at least, America’s resulting love of FDR was the soul of the Democrat Party. “Labor,” organized and otherwise, was the core of its success.

As Democrats seek to claim unemployment as a proper political tool, the keystone of their effort is this fall’s election of Joe Biden as president.

The Democrat plan is anything but sophisticated: Biden holds down the Democrat fort from his basement hide-out as Obama leads his party to an intended takeover of the federal government.

As if a jack from the political box, Obama jumped up two days ago to shout that President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus is an “absolute chaotic disaster.” Obama would know, of course, since he engineered the most epic government program failure ever … Obamacare.

For Obama, his return to the top of his party is a two-step dance.

As his socialist bent takes center-stage, the ex-president must soft-shoe his way around the release last week of Crossfire-Hurricane transcripts … transcripts which detail his direct involvement in efforts by the FBI and others to imprison President Trump’s first National Security Advisor, retired U. S. Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.

(Flynn, after President Obama picked him to be Director of Intelligence in April 2012, somehow made it to the then-president’s enemies list, and was dumped in August 2014.)

In the process, Obama went to work undermining the Trump presidency. The army he led was and is more than merely impressive, including much of the federal government, many state and local politicos, and most of the national news media.

Along the way, however, Obama took the lead in too many identifiable parts of the attempt to impeach Trump. Now, no matter anything else Obama intends, real risks face him from the current criminal investigation underway by U. S. Attorney John Durham.

Surfacing Crossfire-Hurricane documents detail what can only be called a conspiracy by which Obama and his team could trap and ultimately imprison Flynn while simultaneously imperiling the incoming Trump administration.

That imperiling, we now know, most dramatically involved then-FBI Director James Comey and some of his top federal law enforcers. On the White House side, top offenders appear to be Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and his CIA Director John Brennan.

How Americans respond to this stunning state of national affairs will be known with the November election.

Whether the attempt to somehow undo the election of Donald Trump or the intended use of the coronavirus by Democrats, to me one thing is certain: the nation’s years-long drift to the hard political left is no longer a drift …

… it is here and now.

© 2020 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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