Friday, October 4, 2019 … 12:06 P.M.

Earlier this year, the Franklin News Foundation in Chicago launched its national news service, The Center Square. It is a not-for-profit organization which was tagged from the jump by the nation’s political left as a tool of the nation’s political right.

The Center Square’s founders describe their purpose this way:

“Our vision is to build and sustain a 50-state digital hub and newswire service that delivers high-quality journalism with velocity, frequency and consistency – journalism allowing readers to connect to issues within their statehouse, across their state and in their hometown across multiple platforms.”

* * * * * * * *

Honest Shreveporters, living under hard-political-Left control since at least ex-mayor Cedric Glover’s 2006 election, welcome all factual media coverage of what is really, truly, actually, provably happening to us.

In that context, The Center Square’s David Jacobs reported the day before yesterday on our Louisiana Legislative Auditor’s honest and open report of Shreveport’s perilous debt load, summarizing it this way:

“The deficit does not mean the city, the third largest in the state by population, won’t be able to pay its bills next year. But over the long term, its current resources can’t fund its obligations, the auditor’s office says.”

That analysis, including the $1 billion-plus debt load, was through 2018.

Atop that is passage of any part of the $186,000,000 bond issue spending spree to be voted on November 16th.

Those responsible for any increase in debt will be …

… Mayor Adrian Perkins and his handlers,

… Council members James Flurry, Jerry Bowman, Jr., James Green and Willie Bradford,

… self-interested “Yes” voters, and

… disinterested non-voters.

Here is the The Center Square article as reported by David Jacobs, October 2, 2019:…/article_e73f01a4-e567-11e…

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