New info reveals Washington set to make half million dollars in bond “fees” since 2014!

Part 1 – Original Report: HERE

Part 2:  Newly obtained documents from the State Bond Commission ( reveal an additional $45,200.00 in “Co-Bond Counsel” payouts to Alex Washington of the Washington & Wells law firm (PDF link) related to a $50,000,000 bond refinance in 2017.  Updating the previously produced numbers, Washington’s score actually exceeds a staggering $370,000,00 since 2014.  Of course, Washington is still set to score his biggest bond bounty ever in 2018:  a whopping $125,850.  This means Washington, with this new bond issuance, will have scored an incredible $499,969.00 since 2014, all the while local “leaders” claim budget shortfalls to cram further taxes down our throats.

I would like to thank the many readers who reached out with information regarding this topic.  It is always encouraged and your information is kept totally confidential.  Part 3 of this series will be focusing on a new twist to this story, but more details are needed and developing.

State Bond Commission Synopsis

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