Wednesday, August 8, 2018 … 1:14 P.M.

For Shreveporters who really and truly care about our city, Monday night’s mayoral forum via the Southern Hills Business Association was very difficult to watch and hear.

(My thanks to KSLA-TV News for posting the full hour-and-forty-minute video, link below.)

Most notably, corruption was dodged. Candidate Jim Taliaferro, for example, referred instead to “fraud, waste and abuse – not malicious, not intentional.” Lee O. Savage came closest to acknowledging reality.


The timing of the debate was such that a new class action lawsuit against the City of Shreveport by The Haven subdivision and Briarwood Apartments was filed by local attorneys Jerry Harper and Anne Wilkes shortly before.

The lawsuit alleges more illegal by the City billing for water and sewer services, since 2015.

This lawsuit focuses on certain sales taxes wrongly assessed to commercial customers by City Hall, and Harper / Wilkes believe more than $2,500,000 has thus been collected and held, rather than returned to those overcharged.

These attorneys were on point in earlier such lawsuits brought by prominent local players Scott Pernici and Michael Wainwright. In fact, along with state legislators and Shreveport City Council members, the two men were copied on Harper’s submission letter to Mayor Tyler.

City Attorney William Bradford wrote a four-and-half-line “letter” to Harper to acknowledge receipt of the suit, noting that the City which would decide if anyone had been overcharged.

Bradford’s boast proved true in judicial rulings in the previous water / sewer under-billing lawsuits. Such rulings likewise marked my “CPERS” lawsuit against the Caddo Parish Commission’s long-time, illegal and corrupt, retirement scam.

But, I am told, this new lawsuit will be heard by a different judge than were those.


… The race-within-the-race was key. One or two black candidates will take the likely two run-off spots, and the top three black candidates – Tyler, Perkins and Steven Jackson – get that.

… Mayor Tyler should retire her “I’m smarter than the rest of you” riff. It does not match the facts from her time in public offices. Her public school bossing is not a positive.

… Perkins, from the Greg Tarver side of our black political street, comes across as much too young and boastful, as well as very short on experience in and with Shreveport … no surprise since he has not been here in the past 15 of his 32 years.

… Jackson, the candidate of All Things Cedric Glover, is certainly as good at slinging hooey as is his sponsor. While claiming, “I led the charge to repeal CPERS,” he skips how he studiously did nothing to recover the money stolen from taxpayers by the scam.

… Glaringly, Jackson was not asked about his leadership in the effort to remove the Confederate Memorial at the Caddo Courthouse.

… Taliaferro’s don’t-you-dare-speak-ill-of-Shreveport preachiness is wrong-headed, at a minimum. He did, after all, leave town for a lot of years to live in Webster Parish.

… The repeated use by Anna Marie Arpino, who is white, of “African” this and that in one notable rant was just plain sickening.

… more later …

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