Posted: Wednesday, August 28, 2019 … 10:48 A.M. …

For decades, literally, I have been fortunate in knowing many people who work, or worked, in local government.

Many of these public servants are now gone, but a few remain. No matter what local governmental position they hold, appointed or elected, they never fail to care about where Shreveport is headed.

Now, among those who fit the description of caring about our place, all – every one of them I know – are as concerned as they have ever been. The specific context of their concern varies, but regardless of that, they see much worse than mere governmental storms ahead.

Yes, yes, some local pols and their handlers are just fine with the way things are, busily preaching a gospel of “all will be fine” every chance they get. To a person, however, each is situated to benefit financially if either the upcoming Shreveport bond issue or some other such public money grab (Cross Bayou Point, for example) succeeds.

All of that is to say this: the absence of governmental capability in Shreveport City Hall is not only a fact, it is a real and true danger. The present city administration is so deeply in over its head that it is likely, on any given day, to do real and lasting damage to Shreveport.

When we desperately need a real and true mayor and leader, ours is instead a commodity of the nation’s political left. Shreveport is merely his political stage.

When I consult my sources to see what the upcoming bond issue portends, the responses are chilling, at best.

One example of what is circulating is a document detailing the total borrowing if the entire $186,000,000 bond issue passes in November. If the bond market interest rate is 7%, the total cost to Shreveport taxpayers would be $348,394,980, and if the interest we pay is 9% (which few envision) the total cost would be $404,313,011. (A rate nearer 6% is expected by many.)

Given that our city’s debt limit is bearing down, we have many other upcoming needs for borrowing … whether employee pensions, the water and sewer Consent Decree, or others.

Worse yet, I find no source willing to say outright what the millage charged to property tax payers will ultimately prove to be. That is a first in my experience.

There is no way around it. Shreveport exists on very dangerous ground. The mayor does not care, and the City Council now has a four-vote majority to green-light his whim and fancy.

Those who brought this mayor here, seeing to it that he was elected, have done immeasurable damage … already.

* * * * * * * *

I would be remiss if I did not comment on the recent attack against me – in writing, in various publications – by a certain member of the Shreveport City Council.

I thank all who have messaged your support.

I believe, and deeply, that I would not be much of a human being to respond in kind to charges by a man such as this one. That is a core personal belief, and I deeply regret the times I have failed in adherence to it.

I will not fail here.

I remain, these many days after the attack, confused about only one thing. I do not know if this man’s infamous racism triggered his attack, or something else.

I do know this: the man in no way mentioned, and thus in no way refuted, the facts of my article which supposedly triggered him.

The facts of my article, therefore, stand unchallenged, by this man or any other person.

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