Thursday, April 9, 2020 … 1:05 P.M.

In the article I wrote and posted yesterday about reported salary cuts for top Shreveport City Hall staffers, I mentioned that there was no official source which had publicly reported Mayor Adrian Perkins’ salary. Here is what I wrote yesterday …

… The mayor’s salary is said to be $115,000 a year, but that is unconfirmed.

Several readers wondered why that information was not readily available to the public. The fact is, there is very little “transparency” in anything having to do with benefits taxpayers provide to this mayor.

As I continued working on the subject, I found a source with direct, written information provided by the city’s Internal Audit Office less than two months ago. In that report, Mayor Perkins’ salary is officially disclosed as $95,999.95 per year.

Why he is not paid $96,000 is unknown, but it may matter that the mayor also receives an unknown, but significant, military veterans disability pay.

When Perkins qualified to run for mayor, he reported on his required Louisiana Financial Disclosure form that he is paid “$5,000 to $24,999” annually for his unspecified disability, while off-the-record sources have put the payment at $3,000 per month.

Perkins will in no way publicly disclose any details about his disability, a refusal which raises even more questions about his total pay from local and federal government sources.

When he was campaigning for mayor, Perkins was asked on the record about his disability. He was more than merely unwilling to describe / define / discuss the subject. Here is his subject exchange with KTBS-TV reporter Jamie Ostroff on October 25, 2018 …

… “Perkins refused to provide specifics to 3 Investigates about the benefits and his disability.
‘This is not an appropriate question to ask any veteran,’ he said.”

Also of interest, in context, is what we taxpayers gave Perkins’ predecessors.

As reported by then-KTBS-TV writer / researcher Melody Brumble on January 22, 2015, Mayor Ollie Tyler specifically lowered her salary to an amount some $9,500 less than we paid her predecessor, Cedric Glover.

Glover paid himself $115,230, and Tyler lowered her pay to $105,663. Of course, Tyler had / has significant retirement income from her long career as a public educator, too.

Also interesting in context, Tyler initially, in late 2015, set the salary of her Chief Administrative Officer Brian Crawford at $165,516 a year. Perkins’ top staffer, Henry Whitehorn – now Chief of Staff and seemingly set to soon be CAO – was hired at $160,000 a year, but $16,000 of that will be cut for the remainder of 2020 as a result of Perkins’ announced plans.

Perkins says he will also take a 10% salary cut for those months, as will Chief Financial Officer Sherricka Field Jones.

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