Wednesday, April 8, 2020 … 1:48 P.M.

While managing to keep a very low profile to this point in the city’s COVID-19 experience, Perkins has now surfaced as Shreveport mayor.

By way of a news release, Perkins says he and his top staff will take a salary cut of 10% for the remainder of the current 2020 fiscal / calendar year.

Perkins identifies those as his “senior staff and department heads.”

“We do not yet know the total fiscal impact, but initial estimates project a $25 million loss in general fund revenues through the end of April. We also know that we will have to make difficult decisions. We will have to cut deep into the city’s budget, and the first of those cuts will be to my salary.”

Not surprisingly, there is no mention from Perkins in the “news” release of how much money the city has and will have from the federal government’s multi-tranch, multi-trillion-dollar assistance packages.

The release did not show, either, how much the included city officials are nowadays paid.

Nonetheless, as an example, we know that Henry Whitehorn, currently the mayor’s Chief of Staff but set to be appointed Chief Administrative Officer (“CAO”), is paid $160,000 per year. Atop that pay, Whitehorn is believed to have retirement income from more than one previous “retirement” from government jobs.

The mayor, as another example, receives $3,000 per month military disability pay, but has refused to in any way describe when such pay might end, if ever. He also receives reimbursement pay from taxpayers of $450 per month for his new Tesla automobile. (The mayor’s salary is said to be $115,000 a year, but that is unconfirmed.)

The backdrop to these cuts is a steady flow of rumors and other buzz that Perkins is set to push for voter passage of a massive bond issue, possibly as massive as a quarter-billion dollars …

… as if our COVID-19 experience is not damaging enough.

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