Sunday, December 30, 2018 … 5:15 P.M.

As politics, time and money put a wrap on the election of now-Mayor Adrian Perkins, all may tip our hats to him for an inaugural address warmly welcomed by his devotees.

In fact, I hear and read almost no outright attacks on the young man, regardless that his political partisanship is an affront to many, and his inexperience scary to others.

Shreveporters who care certainly want Mayor Perkins to succeed – as our mayor, but NOT as a “bright and shiny object” of our nation’s political left.

Many of us, after all, have cared and worked for this city many decades longer than he has lived. Our devotion is proven … not merely claimed or asserted … and in no way contemplates any secret plan for self-advancement.

Too, we despise the well-heeled profiteers yet again set to raid our city’s coffers.

We veterans of this place urgently believe Shreveport’s need demands heartfelt, committed action and sacrifice … not political hackery, much less corruption.

Though Mayor Perkins inarguably tallied a majority of the vote, he should not be buoyed by the very possible meaning of the attached details.

According to the Louisiana Secretary of State, voter turnout was a dismal 31.4%, with 64% of those voting for Perkins. That means 19.9% of our city’s registered voters pulled the lever for him … a mere 1-in-5.

To push past the widespread doubt about him, he must be notably inclusive, not to mention transparent. However, his start is anything-but-reassuring because he is anti-transparency, refusing to answer obviously important questions about himself:

Who brought him back here to “be mayor” after 14 years away?

What does it mean – really and truly mean – that he never cared enough about “public service,” let alone government, to vote … ever! … until he could recently vote for himself?

Why would a bona fide engine of the Washington, DC, leftist political establishment give him a “summer associate” job for which he was paid $25,000 to $100,000 … in 2017, while he was here, prepping to be mayor?

Why would he own and pay property taxes on a home in Georgia, but not one in Shreveport?

Why did he say this in yesterday’s inaugural speech:

“In the interest of transparency, this (transition) website gives the people of Shreveport more insight into our transition process”…

… when, in fact, he established his transition team as a not-for-profit, denying citizens the use of our state Public Records Law to more deeply probe his plans?

When the mayor said this in yesterday’s speech, was it a much-dreaded reference to the Cross Bayou development boondoggle:

“Shreveport’s riverfront is prime real-estate. We will work with developers to responsibly cultivate this untapped, local treasure.”

Why, yesterday, did Mayor Perkins yet again fail to mention one word about Shreveport’s sky-high property taxes, and accelerating population out-migration?

The list of such questions is much longer, and no glitz or pageantry or over-the-top salutations and treatment will make them disappear.

Shreveport deserves that honesty and transparency from all mayors, this one included.


For those who care to read the subject inaugural speech, here it is, thanks to KTBS-TV:…/article_a3e1c404-0b7a-11e9-b327-e7cf…

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