Matthew Linn Caught Lying AGAIN about CPERS Theft

Matthew Linn took to the Broadmoor Neighborhood Association meeting “forum” about public corruption.  As this writer has detailed, Linn has often lied to people about his illegally benefitting from the CPERS scandal.  Now, he has publicly stated for all to see in this video (HERE) that he has “no access” to this money and that it was “not given to me”… further claiming that he does not have the money and cannot write a check to return the money.

Simple truth: Matthew Linn is lying.  Read the report that the Louisiana Legislative Auditor wrote on November 25, 2015 (HERE).  On page 7 of the report, Auditor Purpera listed Linn as a recipient of $21,899.31 of Caddo Parish taxpayer dollars.  That illegal contribution from taxpayers had grown to be valued at $27,538.03… gaining Linn another $5,638.72 on top of the illegal money he received from taxpayers.

People hoping to give the most corrupt leader of the Caddo Parish Commission the benefit of the doubt assume that Linn’s money is stored away in a retirement account that he hasn’t gotten any access to.  Mr. Purpera informs the public in his report that Linn and ALL Caddo Commissioners who received illegal monies have access to the stolen amounts (bottom of page 6, & top of page 7 of the report).  Mr. Purpera states, “After three years of creditable service, CPERS participants have a 100% vested interest in the public monies contributed into their 401(a) account and are entitled to withdraw the value of all cumulative contributions and earnings thereon.”

Meaning: At the time Elliott Stonecipher notified ALL Caddo Commissioners that CPERS was illegal, EVERY SINGLE COMMISSIONER who had taken CPERS money had access to withdraw the funds from their retirement accounts.  Instead, they sued to keep the money, knowing they were about to be sued by Mr. Stonecipher.  Now, Mr. Stonecipher’s lawsuit drags through the court system so that Commissioners can continue to draw more interest from their retirements using stolen taxpayer money.

Mr. Linn has the audacity to lie to the public, directly.  His attempt to deceive the public is reprehensible and criminal.  Now that the heat is truly on Caddo Commissioners, they plot and conspire.  Linn and the fellow Commissioners have used over $100,000 in taxpayer dollars to retain the law services of Tom Arceneaux and Jerry Edwards.  Importantly, Arceneaux now gets paid to defend the theft he was a central figure in constructing for the self-serving Caddo Commission.

The corruption cannot be more plain.  Caddo Parish has hit a new low, but allowing Matthew Linn to get away with lying to the public and Caddo Commissioners keeping illegal money only means that this new low is not even the bottom.


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