Saturday, September 8, 2018 … 2:53 P.M.

Nearly lost in other recent media coverage is word from the Northwest Louisiana Council of Governments – “NLCOG” – that our area’s Hwy. 3132 Extension is officially alive.

Now included in the Caddo-Bossier Regional Thoroughfare Plan, the highway will tie into I-69 in Southeast Caddo Parish, between Ellerbe Road (La. Hwy. 523) and Hwy. 1, near the Port of Caddo-Bossier.

The subject section of I-69 – called “SIU 15” – is set to span 35 miles from Stonewall to Haughton. The Federal Highway Administration’s all-important “Record of Decision” for the segment was published in August 2013.

Here is NLCOG’s subject “Future Corridors” map from the Thoroughfare Plan which includes the Hwy. 3132 Extension route:…

My years of volunteer work with the Finish 3132 Coalition to “save” this roadway began in May 2011. This is the 93rd article I have since researched, written and published on the subject.

Beginning in the mid-1950s, this highway was officially, loudly and proudly recognized by locals as crucial to our economic future, along with its intended Port of Caddo-Bossier terminus.

Regardless, ex-Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover, Bossier City Councilman / real estate developer Tim Larkin, and a few notable others literally hijacked an April 7, 2011, NLCOG meeting to kill the highway so Larkin could build a competing residential development.

That NLCOG had no legal or other authority to do so provoked no objections from any officials, attorneys or others in attendance.

One man did, however, tip Craig Durrett, one of the best reporters I have ever known, spurring his May 1, 2011, newspaper column reporting the highway’s (intended) extinction. (Craig Durrett passed away in 2015.)

Included at the end of this article are these links to more information:

(1) my June 10, 2012, article which details the subject NLCOG meeting; (The “View Document” link in the first sentence of that article presents a newspaper advertisement layout of those facts.)

(2) a December 4, 2016, expanded summary of my work on this subject, written for publication by the website; and

(3) a timeline listing from the Finish 3132 Coalition website of many of the related articles researched, written and published over the years.

Contrary to the charges of corrupt officials and their civilian partners, I never sought nor accepted a penny for this work. That I would consider this work a civic responsibility is literally unbelievable to such self-servers.

What almost no one knows is that my work on the 3132 Extension directly led me to also find, in late 2014, the shockingly open “CPERS” retirement scam by many Caddo Parish Commission members and staff.

These two unthinkably corrupt ops elicited no investigative, much less prosecutorial, response from any government authority at any level. (The Louisiana Legislative Auditor issued a report against CPERS, but it has no criminal law enforcement authority.)

Now, however, we have a new U. S. Attorney in and for our Western District of Louisiana.

Hope does, after all, spring eternal.

© 2018 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

(1) June 10, 2012 article by Elliott Stonecipher detailing who acted to kill the 3132 Extension:…/New_E-mails_Detail_Origin_and_Autho…

(2) Elliott Stonecipher Hwy. 3132 Extension battle summary, December 4, 2016:…/

(3) “3132apedia” Elliott Stonecipher 3132 Extension article listing (partial):…/Elliott-Stonecipher.aspx

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