Tuesday, October 10, 2017 … 10:22 P.M. …

A report tonight from the KTBS Television News duo of Shon Gables and Gary Hines further details how the Architect & Engineering Selection Committee operating at Shreveport City Hall plays a major role in local government wrong-doing.

Known as the “A & E Committee” to Shreveport City Hall insiders and investigators, the Committee is used to dole out lucrative city contracts to favored campaign contributors.

For many years, the Committee has been seen by many to be corruption-central at City Hall, with allegations of campaign contributions, shakedowns and kickbacks.

The KTBS story cites such issues with the last three Shreveport mayors, Ollie Tyler, Cedric Glover and Keith Hightower.

The Committee is also the subject of my article published here two days ago.

Here is the link to tonight’s KTBS website story:

Here is the link to my Sunday article:

The KTBS story features criticism by Shreveport City Council Chairman James Flurry, a notable supporter and friend of Mayor Tyler.

Flurry surmises that an audit of the Committee should be performed, with reports to go to various responsible authorities, including the U. S. Attorney.

As my research and articles have long proclaimed and detailed, such an official recognition of pervasive public corruption in Shreveport and Caddo Parish has never been publicly acknowledged.

I thank Councilman Flurry.

I urge all to notice who does, and does not, follow his lead, whether public official, news media, or so-called city “leaders.”

To get us started, KTBS also reports that, as usual, Mayor Tyler would not comment on camera, issuing a statement instead in which she says …

“… it’s not illegal to receive contributions from companies that do work with the city.”

… To be continued …

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