Tuesday, May 2, 2017 … 4:03 P.M.

The legally-dictated process of certifying the vote / results from Saturday’s Caddo Parish election against the Caddo Commission was completed earlier this afternoon by the Caddo Parish Clerk of Court.

The results ended up precisely as they were when the Louisiana Secretary of State – then I – reported them Saturday night: all four property tax millage propositions and one district sales tax proposition were defeated.

The Caddo Commission, with strong support and campaign money from Shreveport and Caddo power brokers – a PAC, the Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, the Committee of 100, the Community Foundation top staff (and Board?), and the North Louisiana Economic Partnership – failed to get the message.

In comments to the news media, the President of the body, Steven Jackson, managed to blame a list of reasons and causes, none of which included the Commission itself, and its ugly record of Commissioner self-pay / corruption.

Most stunningly, Jackson included in his excuses the low voter turnout when, in fact, it was the Commission which pointedly chose to spend $150,000 of our money for an election date which KEPT turnout low by having nothing but its own tax raises and extensions on the ballot.

In 2013, some few of us likewise took the Commission on, defeating its two propositions, an increase of its term “limits” to 20 years (five 4-year terms) and a property tax renewal.

We and Caddo voters defeated the latter by only 59-votes, and the Commission pitched a 7-month fit, including nasty self-pay of $15,000 per year, per Commissioner … by unquestioned Commissioner choice … for travel.

The Commission then re-voted the property tax, and the 59-vote loss turned into a 23% YES / 77% NO hammering.

We will see what they do now. Jackson’s comments do not suggest honoring the voters.

We are waiting to see if the local paper puts up a story. The only one they have – online, late Saturday night – questioned the validity of the election results.

Here is the KTBS-TV web story from a bit ago:…/votes-certified-in-failed-tax-vote-in…

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