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In Saturday’s election, a 54% majority of registered voters in Caddo Parish Commission District 6 re-elected Lynn Cawthorne to that scandal-infested body.

Cawthorne and his sister, Belena Turner, are awaiting trial on 26 federal felony counts.

The two were originally indicted on 8 wire fraud counts in April 2018, with 18 counts of money-laundering added to the indictment this past March.

As I have written about several times in recent years, the brother-sister team are charged with taking $536,000 from taxpayers between 2011 and 2015 via the federal government’s Summer Feeding Service Program (SFSP) for children.

The specific vehicle used by the two for the haul is their United Citizens and Neighborhoods (UCAN) non-profit corporation.

The investigation found that Cawthorne / Turner “greatly inflated the number of eligible meals provided” to school children needing them during summer break.

Among cited purchases made with their ill-gotten gains were furniture, personal travel, private school tuition, clothes, meals and …

… Lynn Cawthorne’s 2015 campaign expenses for his Caddo Commission seat.

The trial in our Shreveport federal courthouse has been postponed more than once, including earlier this month. (The defense attorney came up sick just in time to push the trial past Saturday’s re-election of Cawthorne.)

Trial is now expected early next year. The two face prison terms of up to 20 years, plus restitution amounts large enough to empty their bank and other accounts, one would think.

Some readers will remember that this story broke into public view by articles I wrote beginning on March 26, 2016. My original source was “Bill Unsharpened,” a whistleblower who exposed this and other criminality within the Caddo Parish School Board programs.

The investigation ultimately included agents from multiple local, state and federal law enforcement groups.

Here is the link to my first report in 2016:…/…


Five months ago, on Friday, May 24th, U. S. Attorney David Joseph publicly announced that Ms. Quarles, a Cotton Valley resident, had been indicted on “5 counts of theft of government property, 5 counts of forged securities of the states and private entities, and 27 counts of money laundering.”

Between 2014 and 2015, via her Greater Horizons non-profit organization, Ms. Quarles took “more than $1,000,000” by doing that for which the Cawthorne team was indicted … “submit(ting) reimbursement claims that greatly inflated the number of eligible meals provided” via that same federal Summer Feeding Service Program.

Unlike Cawthorne and his sister, Ms. Quarles last month pleaded guilty “for taking more than $1 million from a federal feeding program meant to provide meals to economically disadvantaged children during the summer months when they are not in school.”

Ms. Quarles faces 10 years in prison, 3 years of supervised release, and $250,000 restitution. She is scheduled to be sentenced on January 16, 2020.

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