Anyone who otherwise remembers how Hurricane Katrina pounded New Orleans in August 2005 likely also remembers the political damage it did to then-President George W. Bush.

A day after the hurricane hit, on his return to D.C. from his Texas residence, the president flew in Air Force One over the huge lake New Orleans appeared to be, and was quoted as saying, “It’s totally wiped out. It’s devastating, it’s got to be doubly devastating on the ground.”

Bush would later tell a national television audience that our nation was “… dealing with one of the worst national disasters in our nation’s history,” but it was far, far too late.

Rather than fly over the damage – having his picture taken doing so – President Bush needed to land, somewhere and somehow, and be seen on Katrina’s ground.

A new rule had been written …

… no matter anything else, a politician in charge during disasters must (appear at least) to personally “manage” the response and communicate as necessary all related facts.

Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins didn’t get the memo, assuming he knows there was one.

Hurricane Laura’s 60 MPH winds took out the electrical service of most Shreveporters. In fact, as I write, power is not yet restored to all homes and businesses … a week after the storm hit.

With internet and cable likewise out, plus widespread damage to homes and businesses, the effect has been more than merely notable.

Regardless, our mayor has been more or less gone.

So, I read with real interest this morning a glowing story in our daily paper about that very thing … Perkins’ response. As it turns out – according the paper’s over-the-top report – Perkins has seemed absent here for a very good reason …

… he’s been encouraging residents (a.k.a. voters) in Lake Charles:

“Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins began the week volunteering with several organizations in Lake Charles and delivering much-needed supplies to those impacted by Hurricane Laura.

‘The devastation is difficult to comprehend,’ Perkins said. ‘Most of the city is without power or running water. People’s homes and businesses have been destroyed. But I was most taken back by how resilient the people of Lake Charles are. Hurricane Laura tore down power lines and snapped trees in half, but it did not break Lake Charles’ spirit. I am confident they will build back stronger than ever, but they will need our help.’”

“Perkins joined volunteers from across America to help make sandwiches for first responders and served hot meals to Lake Charles residents with Chef Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen.
He also joined the Louisiana National Guard as they handed out ice, water, and food and delivered cases of water, paper towels, soap, bleach, mosquito repellent, paper plates, and plastic cutlery to a local church aiding with the response.”

“Perkins also toured Lake Charles, witnessing the destruction left in Hurricane Laura’s wake.”

The article added that, yes, Perkins “worked to keep (Shreveport) area residents informed and up-to-date on the threat,” while filling sandbags and welcoming evacuees “from Southwest Louisiana.”

Should any Lake Charles resident wonder if Adrian Perkins would be a good U. S. Senator, they need only ask Shreveporters what kind of mayor he’s been.

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