I hope and trust that more and more of us are protecting as necessary against too much “news” consumption.

Yes, there are certain things we just about have to watch for, but suffering the deluge of ways the coronavirus is most likely to get us, on top of the “whose lives matter most” onslaught, is just too much for many.

On the way down this road, I vote for an end to anything being declared a “new normal” … about anything … from and/or by anyone …until I get to vote on ‘em.

I add to my mini-rant a hope that we steer clear of some heretofore personal mainstays of daily life. A perfect example of which for me is my every-early-morning “news” consumption from a dozen or so routine sources.

This morning’s such “news” included urgent media warnings of both upcoming “hottest summer days of the year” – 100-degrees plus – and an editorial (yes, editorial!) from an in-state daily publication warning that my home air conditioning may very well be nurturing a bumper crop of coronavirus.

Lest we forget, we must wade into latest ordering-us-around about mask-wearing … complete with a list of possible fines for failure-to-do-so ranging as high as $500 … by / from a new Mask Police, presumably!

Then, and finally, there is the spike in gang-related and other such gunnery should I somehow wander into a very long list of the wrong places and/or at wrong times, with police officers possibly less available to help.

* * * * * * * *

Sincerely, I hope now to pass along revealing information of real value.

In doing so, I note for this record that media-on-the-left declarations of “new normal” are being mixed with claims about what human lives do and do not matter … as if consumption of either one alone at any one time is not enough.

(A notable example is an online article I saw by “Great School Voices” in Oakland, California. The article title is “Never Back to ‘Normal’ if Black Lives Matter.”)

The data I share is one way, I believe, to remember who “we” are as a nation. Clearly, too many news media talking heads either do not know this information, or go about their business hoping none of the rest of us do.

Note that I list this data precisely as does the U. S. Census Bureau in its “Quick Facts” table.

Note the two footnotes below my article. The first is the subject table itself, including the Bureau’s many data sources. The second is the Bureau’s extensive discussion of how and why it gathers and reports race and ethnicity.

Of America’s 328,239,523 residents:

— 76.3% are “White alone”

— 13.4% “Black or African American alone”

— 1.3% “American Indian and Alaska Native alone”

— 5.9% “Asian alone,”

— 0.2% “Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone,”

— 2.8% “Two or More Races,”

— 18.5% “Hispanic or Latino”

— 60.1% “White alone, not Hispanic or Latino”

When I studied these data and related issues in college, the subject was “ethnocentrism” … any human being’s innate belief that one’s way of life is natural. It does not, however, necessarily include a negative view of the other’s race.

* * * * * * *

Finally, include me among those who has long believed that children’s lives matter “most” … which is, in fact, a biblical injunction from Christ:

“But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be thrown into the sea.”

© 2020 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Census Bureau:



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